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  1. Rightcoast makes a brilliant point right here: They go overboard with the "because we have it, we must need it" way of thinking even if there aren't any real reasons for an excessive response. I recently read an article about some dumbass let their pet snake get out, and the cornered it while it was halfway in the wall...and they tazed the thing - but then again maybe they didn't have a real "animal control" in the area at the time of night. Another over reaction was when they stopped someone who was in diabetic shock with a tire shredding strip, successfully stopped the car, but when he failed to respond to commands due to his condition, they busted his window and drug his ass out over broken glass and broke his arm in the process. Keep in mind he was already stopped and no longer an apparent threat and showed no intent. I could easily see this newer school of though crossing over into the SWAT team issue, but I guess they never know if there might be any survivors in the place (of course they have to assume it's a real situation..they can't respond to a call like that like a car alarm in the mall parking lot) but it's a matter of time before someone gets scared, doesn't know what's going on, and comes out there with a weapon to defend themselves and gets gunned down in front of his family.
  2. I've got a Compaq Armada 7400 [366mhz] laptop given to me by my sister's then try-too-hard boyfriend in 2001. Like everyone else, the mouse stick dumped on me within the year but I didn't use it anyhow. Overall, it has taken a beating but it's a tank. The DVD drive still locks in surprisingly, but I had to solder the AC adapter wires. The spacebar kinda hangs up and the battery has to be held in by electrical tape, but other than that everything I use it for runs nicely in a bloatless setup, even when I had win2k on there. The screen doesn't latch completely on one side, but it still stays closed. I did switch to the K-meleon browser on it just because of it's speed, but I keep the surfing to a specific purpose when I bother taking it out anyway. Only 1 USB port so I just use a PCMCIA USB 2.0 adapter and have some unobtrusive velcro in place to keep wires or small devices portable friendly. Since the replacement battery is beige (best deal at the time) the electrical tape also masks it's dog puke color well- you can hardly tell it's tape. I'd like more than a 10gb drive for it, but it's not really worth the upgrade even when I find an auction for parts (so far). So, eh.. It's been solid and has seen me through many downed desktops and helped save the day every time, though I'll still keep my eye out for the used 500mhz-1ghz deals on ebay. At the time, I never would've sprung for a laptop myself, and it was free... win win win
  3. glad I stay away from that stuff as do most of the people I know in real life. what's wrong with email and chat? chat rooms were light years ahead of this stuff if you think about it, and now it's going backward: First there was livejournal, but that was too much effort because you had to write to stay active. Then Faceparty and Friendster, but they were never built to last.. then MS.. while I could see using it in a private network of people you already know for some things, I'm more annoyed because of my first reason. Now that's going out of the spotlight, and so Twitter was born. See where this is going? and 20 people live in a room from anywhere in the world at 300 baud is the stone age why? Because you can't make it fucking sparkly, blinking, and loop the same five hilarious scenes over and over. Oh, and it requires tact and wit to interact and all that outdated hoopla that only people in digital furrie costumes with hit points participate in now.
  4. usr deleted
  5. Uhh, I dunno if this is quite what you're asking, but I have this program downloaded. I used it once and it worked alright. [info from the text only] NoLimit is a datefaker ! Let me explain you this with an exemple.... : We are the 1st August, and you have just download a cool shareware... At the 31th August, you launch your cool shareware and a nasty nag screen inform you that you cannot use this prog now because the 30 days limit is passed...bad news... The first reflex is to find a crack on internet... Bad luck this time, you haven't find any crack for this shareware ( Oh, Sheet !! What can you do ??! Here it is ! NoLimit can help you ! ) So, you launch NoLimit.. -First, you must select the main Executable of your cool shareware. -Secondly, you have to enter a date before the date of expiration... So, we are on 31th August... From the 1st to the 30 August, you have used the shareware with no problemo...So, enter a date between the 1st and the 30 August... "15/08/1999" for example... -Quit NoLimit... Then, a little launcher has been created by NoLimit in his installation directory...Launch it ! "It's a kind of magic !" ) Now, you can use your coolshareware by executing this launcher... You can create a new shorcut to it, you can move it to another directory...BUT NEVER RENAME IT OR IT WILL NOT RUN PROPERLY !! I think this progz is esay to use, but in case of a problem, you can contact me via mail : (don't mail me for ask about the VBruntimes DLL...) And you can visit our french site (many many progz for ya ) Enjoy this "freeware" and spread it all around you )
  6. This will be a classic
  7. My issue originally was about saving time; I'd spend alot less time having to come over and help her out every time her 98se hosed up than I would if I put XP Pro on it for her. Now I know it'll run fine (I didn't know what's definition of fine would be Vs. you guys' experience so I posted), I've never had a problem with my own version, so I can bet it will work out better than the current install she has. As far as my money issues go, either way my preferene is to spend the money I make on things I'd get full use out of. Meaning, if I bought a cutting edge laptop every 3-4 years (let alone for a friend) even though I'm/she is doing just fine with having one or two desktops for that* , I wouldn't be devoting the time it'd take to get my moneys worth out of every cutting edge feature by the time it's outdated - it'd be a lousy investment. I'd just direct that 500-2,500 dollars to something I would get my full use out of instead of being able to game or process multimedia on every single machine at my disposal just so I could say I could if I wanted to but don't take the time. I use one or two desktops that can do that stuff*, and the only game she will play is the Sims... part One. "Two is too 3d" Thanks for sharing all the experiences with this kind of thing.
  8. It sounds a lot better than I thought. Thanks for all the replies and advice. I would actually enjoy tweaking a 366mhz laptop every so often more than I enjoy the ammount of drone work that I'd do for someone else to cover the cost of a cutting edge laptop every 3 years. That sort of thing is what got me in to computers in the beginning. I usually keep one or two computers up for anything heavy on the graphics and piece together the others to have some form of on demand workstation or another in the other rooms or basement. Bloatware is annoying even when it loads quicker. Most of what I like to use as far as software already runs smooth on these types of setups on the other OS. For her 800mhz, it sounds like it won't be a prob. Thanks again for all the replies.
  9. --------- update i forgot about this. was trying to put xp on a friend's old 700mhz 98se 'puter whom I don't see very often but every time there was an issue with it. 2009 and as far as I know she's still running fine (though I would've reinstalled by now) --------- these days I'm low on choices. she needs this to be a windows machine, so I'm going to have to concede and throw XP pro on there because I can't be two places at once and that last fresh install of 98 was one of the most unstable sumbitches I've dealt with in awhile. I've never dared try XP on an older machine (anything under 2 ghz) so I have no experience with how it will run on say..a 700 or 800mhz machine with 512mb RAM and all that. Will XP drag it's ass on it or do you guys know that it'll be fine for what it is? If so, how slow do you think is too slow to run it? (I've seen people via Google claim 366mhz; yeah, maybe right after the installation.)
  10. Very cool. Thanks for the responses - I think I might give it a shot.
  11. Has anyone tried something like this to use their 200mw Sanaos or Oronicos in their desktop? Is there a better way to do this, like a PCMCIA to USB converter with encasement? (I still haven't found one of those thoug I know they sell Orinocos already built into them on Ebay). see I don't know how something like that would work because I can't tell exactly which way the back of the card will face in the adapter above, if there'd be room with the dual antenna jacks and all on the Senao. I kinda doubt it..
  12. Take a hacksaw, cut a penny in half, and mail it to him.. that should be compensation enough. Really though, what attracts the police to someone using a laptop in the car in the first place? That's what the things are for, and this day and age If we reported to them every blue light we saw and cried hacker, I figure they'd be pretty irritated and tell us to stop wasting their time unless we sensed a threat. "It's portable. That's why I take it with me". "well what are you doing on it?" If my piece of crap laptop was light enough to be portable without all the parts falling off I'd use it to do random things as they came to mind if I was stuck waiting in a parking lot or on my way back from class or whatever. if that was me I'd be pretty irritated. I find it intrusive if even someone I care about innocently badgers me about what mundane garbage I'm working on in my own office or home, let alone the threat of a guilty-til-proven innocent approach just for the mere presence of a computer. Before laptops, did they question people with notebooks to make sure there were no ransom letters being written or malicious blueprints in the works, or step-by-step Bond-villain descriptions of a brilliant evil scheme? :mumble:
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  14. Thanks for all the responses. I'll probably build one when I move into a more public wifi friendly area
  15. I was wondering if I should go with this bundle or just piece together some things from better sources: