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  1. thebroken.org

    To Each His Own. Wherever people want to get thier input from that's their choice, i won't be the one to make fun of ya because of where you learned your techinques and tricks. If you know the ropes then Great! If Not good luck learning on whatever site you choose :blankakill: :rockon:
  2. Welcome to Ham Radio!

    Thanks for all the great Info guys! :rockon:
  3. Ham e-book

    Thanks For the Pratice Exam Post Mute :rockon:
  4. the awesomest cell phone if ever there was one!

    Wow! great phone. :umph:
  5. Ebooks for all

    :punk: Great List! :rockon:
  6. K++

    I'm told Diet K Removes the spyware from the the certified ver of Kazaa. Hope this helps. Diet K :rockon:

    :omfg: Nice Pic. LOL :rockon:
  8. Hello, Great Forum!

    :voteyes: Just wanted to say hello to everyone here on this board. This looks like a great forum. Keep up the good work i shall be back and posting often :jawa: :jawa: :jawa: :jawa: :grr: :jawa: :jawa: :jawa: :jawa: ^Jawa gets Revenge^