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  1. Studio 8. Namely Flash 8. Contact me, I'll get you a copy, direct you to some learning resources. Everything on Newgrounds, Addiggames, etc. Is made with flash. It's harder then you think. You'll need actionscript skills.
  2. Aww, you linked to my Radical Propoganda skid kiddie peice of shit myspace faggot thread :]
  3. You guys :] The critisism hurts so good.
  4. it's out.php, with password protection. im not retarded ;]
  5. The .swf redirect myspace hack that was shown earlier on the boards, is something I became fond of. every account I acquired, I would place the .swf reidrect file in that persons myspace. Therefore, everyone to view that person's profile would sacrifice their email and password. And thus the .swf would be placed in their profile. As you can imagine, I am exponentially getting more and more login info. I currently have about 400, but the number grows each minute. Recently, this hack was featured on a number of sites. Could this possibly be my fault? This struck me as interesting. **Screenshots resized to 80% **Won't allow me to link to the screenshots::
  6. Well, in my opinion, there is syntax of programming, where you learn to think like a programmer; how to solve problems, how to approach situations, what strategy to use to solve a certain problem. And then there is the implementation/content aspect, where you learn all of the commands, what does what, how different features of a language interact, etc. You have to pick up both, but the syntax of programming is what makes it such a universal, diverse, engrossing subject. Anyway, I recomend starting a scripting language such as actionscript, PERL, or Python. Having a command line to play around with commands realy does help, and having the ability to just think of something, quickly type it, and run it, makes programming a lot easier to stick to. Also, in terms of hacking, scripting languages offer some fun oppurtunities.
  7. Nah, dont stop talking to me, irc and forums are the only things keeping from going insane with stress and annoyance. But as long as im not getting charged, im happy. ← we don't have anything to worry about, it is not like anyone here is doing anything illegal. Or perhaps we just don't speak of our activity.
  8. does this mean 50megs is a host which does not work with this scamming technique? Does anyone know of a decent host which will work with this?... Yep, it means 50 megs does not support php. You should have better luck here, but ymmv, I haven't used this list (I just use my own server). This is just from Googling free php host. It looks like the people filling out whatever form you are using are getting the php shown to them as text. I shall try :] greatly appreciated. EDIT - it did indeed work, the hosts were not allowing the php file to be accessed and run. And ahha. I am going to have fun.
  9. Here are the instructions The files can all be found here. I have correctly configured the .swf, and uploaded all the files, and had friends test it for me. When they fill in the fake login screen, they are shown this: I am not sure what to do in order to collect and username and passwords submitted by the fake login page [index.htm]. I have already tried using googlepgaes and 50megs as hosts for index.htm and all the other files, and in both cases I placed a blank out.txt file in the same hosting directory, but it always remains empty. Am I doing something wrong? Anyone care to figure out how I can retrieve the emails and passwords people enter at index.htm? I will also attach the files that came in the .RAR. Am I perhaps using a hosting which is preventing out.txt form being accessed?... UPDATE: I attempted to see what would happen if i sent my own info to save.php. I got THIS does this mean 50megs is a host which does not work with this scamming technique? Does anyone know of a decent host which will work with this?...
  10. Attributes Name: Sharon H Ing Sharon Ing Phone: +1 256 544-3857 Fax: +1 256 544-8333 Mobile Telephone Number: 256-962-3430 State: AL Postal Code: 35812 Internet Addresses: Send Mail Send Mail Send Mail User Class: Organization: IS50, Employer: NASA Unique Identifier: MS42495 etc.etc. Here is what o do; navigate to the serach page and you cna basically learn about any nasa employaa, im seeing how far i can take this.
  11. Two powerful mobile clients: Laplink Software Avvenu
  12. I hate being this age. The freedom to atend something like this is so far away, yet painfully close.
  13. I wouldn't even wipe my ass with the source code of lilo, just my thoughts LOL I love 'wipe my ass jokes'
  14. Would that not depend on the type of email service? I suppose one could write a script to delete emails when sent to hotmail, or one to delete on sent to gmail, or maybe even outlook, etc. but i dont see how there could be an allpurpose self destructing emeail?