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  1. well its been fixed i'm not sure how but its fixed. i got feed up with it and left it for a while and when i came back to it, it was fixed. stupid windows :mumble:
  2. another good way (and cheep cost me 4 dollars) to get lock picks is to get a set of denteist tools ( i found some at my local princess auto store) they take less modification than an allen key and are really strong.
  3. I tried your suggestion. it didn't work for me. is there any other suggestions short of re installing windows? or a diffrent operating system as I'm getting pretty pissed off at windows.
  4. the problem that i am having is, Windows is telling me that my network cable is unplugged from the NIC but its not. the cable isn't bad ( i tested by running it to another machine and seeing if it worked which it did) i tried using a different network cable it didn't work. Device manager says that the device is working properly. the light on the switch to indicate wither or not it has a connection on the port, that leads to my computer is dark indicated it dose not see the NIC on the other end. I also tested this port by using a different computer and both different and the same network cables. situation that caused it: I wanted to try Linux out and i heard that knoppix is a good way to test a machine for running Linux. downloaded and booted up to knoppix and everything worked fine. so i reset to windows. once windows finished booting i tried to connect to the net and windows starts telling me that the network cable is unplugged. so i tried the already mentioned new network cables and making sure the cable works stuff. I then decided to try and see if a hardware malfunction had happened so i reset and booted to knoppix once again to see if it could get my network card working again. the network card worked in knoppix i can surf the net and access my network. So i was wondering if there where any suggestions out there for fixing this problem or what might have caused the card to stop working in windows after using knoppix? System: AMD 64 X2 3800 mother board: Gigabyte k8 TRITON series GA-k8nsc-939 The NIC is built in to the mother board windows registers the NIC as a: Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI gigabit Ethernet controller
  5. I had a simmilar problem with my AMD 64 dual core. it was resovlved by the same means as mentiond above
  6. For my Computer enginering Course at my college i had to take all four CCNA courses. you can expect a lot of hands on work especialy if your school can afford the equpment to do the labs. I spent at least 4 or 5 hours outside of class in the lab to complet the labs and case study. The theory is very though the first course grounds you in the basics over and over again unitll you know it cold. you cover such things as basic ip addressing, the ISO communication model, the TCPIP communicatio MODEl In the second course the ground you thoughy in routing and routeing protocls such as RIP and Rip V2 and some OSPF. they also get some ACLs going in that course and some switching basics. In the third course they lay the advance switching stuff on you such as spanning tree protocly and V-lans and Variable subnet maskes. the Fouth course focuses on WAN tecnologys such as frame relay, ISDN, DSL, ADSL, T1, T2, T3. you can expect to be taught more thoughly on Cisco networking protocols than open standered protocols. a helpfull hint that will make you live infintly better. Understand IP addressing, and Subnetting COLD, BACKWARDS,and UPSIDE DOWN. the sooner you understand it the easier your life will be in the course, especialy when you get to Variable length subnet masks and VLans. Its a lot of information but each course breakes it down in to managable chunks and makes sure you understand it. Good luck with the Course and have fun, its alot of work but its worth it!!!
  7. exelent find, wish i had this last semester it would have made the pen test model easier to understand.
  8. Fedoracore 5 on an Compaq laptop Presario R4000
  9. Just block the ports WoW uses and that should solve you proplems
  10. With some more playing around with Photo shop. i have decided to give up trying to put Photo shop 6 on it. I've managed to get Photo shop elements to run with the scratch disk feature of elements. thanks for all you help.
  11. I tried running it with only service pack 1 on it but the same problem occured. I should mention that I've upgraded the ram from 128 to 256. when i had 128 it still froze at the same spot would down grading to Home edition be a possible soultion?
  12. I have an old P3 700 MHz 256 MB of ram (cubx). It has windows XP pro service pack 2 for an OS. when I run adobe photo shop 6.0 or Adobe photo studio elements 3 the computer dose one of two things it resets or crashes totally, not blue screen just total frozen, ctrl + Alt + Del doesn’t work. The only way to get it working again is to reset the computer. It always freezes at the same spot. The Box that indicates what the components of the programs it is currently loading always freezes saying "Reading Patterns" I believe that the computer meets the minimum requirements for the program to run any ideas on what may be causing this problem or possible solutions would be appreciated. Cypfer.
  13. The new version of Knoppix had ntfs support I've had no problems reading and writing ntfs with the newer Knoppix.
  14. Hi!
  15. you may have to use a alternate OS to copy the files back like a live cd of Knoppix. I have ran into simmilar problems to the one you described when i first tried to build my first dual boot system how i fixed it was i used a live knoppix cd and the GUI partition program inculded with it to make the harddrive all one partion(this fixed the problem of mine where i split the windows installation placeing half of the installation on one partition and the other on the other partition. thats what may have happend with you). then used the windows system disk to fix the master boot record on C drive. reboot and everything should work.