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  1. ok, that's interesting but not terribly useful as I need to be able to answer it whenever... is gvoice suitable for this kind of thing or is there some other alternative?
  2. thanks for the answers very helpful so far. guess I need a little bit of clarification for what I am actually "hiding from" as one guy said, sorry I didnt post in more detail: not looking to be Jason Bourne here, just trolling some 4channers. all I need is a cell phone that looks (to a casual observer) like a real person's cell phone number connected to a real person, but cant be traced back to me. essentially they are attempting to dox me so I set up a fake identity to fuck with them... so I need a steady flow of fake dox for a fake identity so i can keep this going because its hilarious so far. thats where the phone comes in, fake dox so I need a cell that I would use like any other cell (takes calls, makes calls, text if possible, generally always turned on) but that cant actually be traced to me without a warrant...doesnt mater too much if they can tell that its a fake number, the #1 priority is that it cant be traced back to me this is what im asking in a nutshell: can gvoice be traced back to my dox without a warrant? sorry to be a hopeless noob but none of that last part made sense to me... essentially I call 0218 while they call 0019 and then we can talk, but when I hang up they get a tone of some sort? that sounds useful but wouldn't they be able to recognize something was up by the tones etc.?
  3. need a phone number that is "untracable" without a warrant, as in no published exploits etc that can connect it back to my dox, needs to be a single number that I can pick up like a real cell phone and answer my question is does google voice work for that...? i registered it on an email not connected to my real one... theres an option on google voice to route calls to a different number, which you can then pick up and talk to people on, ive done that already but im not sure if theres some exploit people can use to find out my real number that gmail it routes to, cuz the routing number is my actual cell phone obviously with a warrant people would be able to get my real number and shit but it won't come to that, its nothing illegal, but i need a way to do this so it'd be impossible to find my real world information without police involvement is google voice good for that? if not what else should i use? thanks