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  1. Yes, by "forward" I mean being able to go directly from a Linux box to a windows box. I'm also talking graphical here, not ssh or putty.
  2. I was wondering, as the topic title and description indicates, if it is possible to forward a windows terminal to Linux.
  3. Yea it should work, just try to boot it off of the external hard drive and install it like you would any other distribution. I am running off of a USB key, so I don't see how running off of an external hard drive would be any different.
  4. Agreed Also there is the final copy posted now, turning it tomorrow. Just say what you all think, and I will go ahead an start learning CSS. Thanks!
  5. Ya, it works perfectly in internet explorer and firefox. Just checked. Does it look like it meets the standards though?
  6. This is something we are working on for school, help a newb out if you know HTML and tell me if you see anything wrong. Thanks, I haven't been on in a while because of school but I am frequenting this site more often. So does this look neat and pretty? First project for HTML class. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" ""> <html> <!-- ********************************************** *********************Project One******************* *********************************************** --> <!-- ********************************************** ***************Head tag properly closed************ *********************************************** --> <head> <!-- ********************************************** **********title element properly closed*********** *********************************************** --> <title> (could lead to doc ownage) </title> </head> <body> <!-- ********************************************** *************************************************** *********Dead7iest-Weap0n Media Services*********** *****************(could lead to doc ownage)******** **********Proffesional DVD and VCD Editting******** *************Professional Graphics Design********** *************************************************** *********************************************** --> <!-- ********************************************** ***h1 Tag, Title, My Name, Tags: Properly Closed*** *********************************************** --> <h1 title="My Name">(could lead to doc ownage)</h1> <!-- ********************************************** *******Adress, with h2 tags, title, properly******* *******************closed********************** --> <h2 title="My Address">Address:</h2> <!-- ********************************************** *Title, My Adress, p and br tags, properly closed** *********************************************** --> <p title="My Address"> (could lead to doc ownage) <br /> (could lead to doc ownage) <br /> (could lead to doc ownage) </p> <!-- ********************************************* ****Memorable Event, h2 tags, p tags, and title*** **************Properly Closed***************** --> <h2 title="Memorable Event">Memorable Event:</h2> <p title="Memorable Event of My Life"> One of the most memorable memories that I have is one of my child hood is the day I finally was able to swim the length of the pool up and back. That year I also joined the swim team at the (could lead to doc ownage), I was awarded the coaches award consecutively for all the seasons I participated in the sport. </p> <!-- ********************************************* *****Spare Time, h3 tags, title tag, and p tag**** ***************Properly Closed**************** --> <h3 title="Spare Time">What I occupy myself with:</h3> <p title="My Life outside of School"> I spend some time programming in TI basic, learning C++ and Hyper Text Markup Language. I also go on runs and exercise during some of the time left over. The rest I spend screwing around on the computer, or playing Gamecube or Nintendo 64 and hanging out with friends. </p> <!-- ********************************************* ****Extra Curricular Activities, h3, h4, and ***** **********title tags, properly closed********* --> <h3 title="Extracurricular Activities:">Extracurricular Activities:</h3> <h4 title="Extracurricular Activities:">(could lead to doc ownage)</h4> <h4 title="Extracurricular Activities:">Young Democrats Club</h4> <h4 title="Extracurricular Activities:">Computer Technology Club</h4> <!-- ********************************************* *********Extra Curricular Activity Memory********* *******P tags, and title properly closed********** ********************************************** --> <p title="Extracurricular Activities Memory"> After HTML class the other day, I went upstairs after saving my work on the network drive. An epic quest to room 231 to enlist in the Young Democrat's club, where we just did a short organizational meeting. After that I decided to tag along with my brother's friend to the DDR club, which I didn't tag along for long because we dropped by the (could lead to doc ownage) studio to ask for some televisions. I met up with a nice kid I met after school in the cafeteria in there, and decided to get involved with (could lead to doc ownage) after he showed me some of the equipment, I was amazed at the ammount of equipment there was, after that we went to the cafeteria together to wait for our rides. </p> <!-- ********************************************* *******Favorite Websites, h2 tags, title********** ****************properly closed******************* ********************************************** --> <h2 title="Some of My Favorite Websites">My Favorite Websites:</h2> <h3 title="Out of Necessity"> - School</h3> <h3 title="Out of Boredom"> -Entertainment</h3> <h3 title="Out of Awesomeness"> - Site I made with a friend</h3> <h3 title="Out of Entertainment and A Need: Lackeyisms">,com_wrapper/Itemid,7/ - Fred Lackeyisms</h3> <img src="fredlackey.jpg" width=300 title="Fred Lackey"> <!-- ********************************************* ***************br tags properly closed************ ********************************************** --> <br /> <br /> <!-- ********************************************* ****&(symboltext);, properly closed with ";"****** ********************************************** --> <!-- ********************************************* ************************************************** ******************************** ************************************************** ********************************************** --> <center title=">Copyleft (©) 2006 Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.</center> <!-- ********************************************* ***********************-Fin-********************** ********************************************** --> </body> </html> Thanks!
  7. Sue them, even a public defendant is not that bad. But first try to talk with the police about it.
  8. Apparently they added a ">" at the end of the urban dictionary deffinition, and besides that the urban dictionary deffinition is just making fun of leetspeak
  9. zomg haxes, sneaky eh? Those we call... A-C-R-O-N-Y-M-S And of course I bet that the guy who wrote that article took the time to learn "leet hax0r speak"
  11. Funny; Especially the one "Error; Please insert Linux installation disk and reboot."
  12. Thanks! Register up guys, We are installing a blog feature; music; and a shitty "arcade" for shitty flash games. Anywho thanks for the input! I am getting a few bands to join up too.
  13. This is still in alpha testing, php-BB myspace conversion, working so far. Let us register here, also anyone wanting to help with it contact me @
  14. lol, kiddies of scripting
  15. I must say cingular deserved this, they are my cell provider, ad even when I am extremely nice to them on tech support, they yell and bitch at me saying I don't deserve to have a replacement phone. Read the article in 2600 about Cingular's Secrets man, (phone I have is mentioned, and it has broken 4 times already, so Cingular had it coming.