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  1. *raises hand* im from Massachusetts. Me and Royal often go on missions together. and theres also a few other ppl i know here but im not at liberty to name them
  2. Sprint actually did the same thing in Rhode Island but they were transforming Verizon Hybrids into Sprint COCOTS. i remember all of these new COCOTS being at dunkin donuts. they still had the same Phone1 handset but the mouthpiece was now muted. and it obviously would no longer would route me through ACTS from the operator or 411 (when that worked last year). The transformation was just as bad looking as those COCOTS in ohio.
  3. HAHAHHA very good point, i usually just refer to all Verizon hybrid, half breed, etc... all BOCOTS. sorry it all makes sense now.
  4. If it resets the whole line then it's not a BOCOT. I mainly use Verizon Hybrids which do not allow me to flash hook.
  5. nice, i will definately try this. although on the BOCOTS i use i cant flash. if i try to it will just reset the whole line and i cant flash back... im in Verizon Country east coast
  6. amen to that. I really doubt this phone will be coming back into commission. my Redbox still comes in handy seeing im now staying with my friend far enough away from where i live (in the same state) to make regional toll calls. thank you Verizon Broadband ACTS prompts, and a combo box (olde school style). Live operators USUALLY dont catch it if im doin a local call but sometimes i get caught and i laugh at them. and just call back *deflects Telco Police bullets* "there can only be one highlander"
  7. awesome thnks, i was looking for someone who had a project mf box. i was far too lazy to get VOIP and set up asterisk.
  8. really?! thats sounds pretty interesting. Which NPA-NXX? the one with the RedCom Switches? since that uses satellites has anyone ever tried that tone that locks you into a trunk originally used for dail connections i think its a TASI tone or something. im way to lazy to look into this.
  9. Reported it broken... They actually took the entire phone away except the coin vault.. :mumble:
  10. hmmm thats actually pretty interesting. Keep playing with it if you find anything cool drop an update. becuase i cant think of a reason that would be happening unless its being re-routed somehow someway... in a galaxy far far away.... (dont mind me)
  11. well the phone no longer works period. someone smashed the handset. its DEFINATELY a COCOT its an AAMAX or something of the sorta DEFIANTELY not a BOCOT. all calls can be boxed from it local,, regional etc... they all get the "verizon your broadband company please insert x cents" when any number is dialed not just intra-LATA. its purely old school.
  12. I just dial a number and then it goes straight into Verizon Select services ACTS prompt
  13. I searched for the topid Royal did about this COCOT but couldnt find he had previously posted about redboxing a COCOT in our homestate of Massachusetts. sadly tough i went to the payphone the other day and it had been vandalized but some "thugs" it was one of the only 2 COCOTS that i can get an automated ACTS prompt from its beautiful because it's like the good 'ole days. I really hate it when people destroy payphones for no reason. but i was looking around the phone and the twisted pair and run thru a pipe that goes down an alley. im worried about reporting the phone as broken for fear that it will no longer be Redbox compatible. i'm going to go out there one of these nights and hook up my beige box to the TNI box and make a recording of boxing it just for kicks. but anyway, i'm not sure i should report it broken or not what do you guys think?
  14. Well it would appear that Diebold looks really stupid at the moment and i bet their stock has dropped along with their client list and reputation. Seeing that this has become so public in the last few months i really doubt (well i hope that their smart enough) that that key will be in use come the 2008 presidential elections. I would expect them to now issue a different type of key, or lock change to all in use voting machines. I can't believe that a company that makes machines that determines the outcomes of elections and ultimates the fate of our country would be this stupid. i mean for f***s sake they are a SECURITY company whos comprimises their OWN TECHNOLOGY... idiots
  15. Actually it is QUITE useful. Even though "its just a browser" some computers have the browser restricted Such as library "Catalog Only" computers. So just using another browser will get you passed it. In a School setting there is two options a local WebFilter or a Server Based web filter. In either case(most of the time) you wont be allowed to use HTML, JS based proxies due to resrictions. or even being able to modify the browsers settings to go through another proxy. but since your using another independant browser you are then allowed to actually change the proxy settings and be albe to circumvent the filtering. Theres really quite alot of ways to accomplism this. I love using those "Catalog Only" computers in Librarys after exploiting and gaining access to the admin account and then installing another browser and getting online with it. Never got me the Job as the IT guy unfortunately tho. But i have tried