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  1. My favorite part was the random van blowing up.
  2. Yeah we just got a new tv recently that has an atsc tuner. We don't use an expensive antenna though, we just hooked up an older one. We still get all the HD channels available.
  3. Winamp isn't very good at playing movies from what I've seen. Just use a different video player like DivX or VLC player.
  4. Yeah a really long time ago me and a bunch of friends set up a darknet with all peers. It kind of died down though.
  5. Now I don't know about other phone providers, but I am sure this is something all have. Anyway my provider, Qwest, has this thing called call trace. It should tell you the number or something. I've never needed to use anything like it so I don't know if it exactly does that, but it should be something along those lines. It's *57 for me. Check your phone service's website just to be sure.
  6. Yeah there is a pay phone right across the street from my house. If I remember it was a fairly old one. I never tried red boxing it though, but hey maybe it would work.
  7. // Lame Joke Disclaimer If you buy Styrofoam what do they ship it in? Yeah seriously though you should try this project out. I want to see pictures of the finalized thing. I mean if it turns out to be a relativley cheap and easy project I might just do the same thing to store some of my pci cards.
  8. The hardware ones are way better. All you have to do is just plug the thing into the 20 pin connector and usually there's an LED(s) that tell you if it is ok.
  9. But the fumes are the best part.... Joking aside, where do you buy large blocks of foam anyway? Home depot or something? The only time I've ever modeled foam was this one time where I just happened to have a large 3 by 5 foot block of foam left over from a shipping container. Well what kind of foam are we talking about here? I guess we will have to go with styrofoam, because all the other kinds seem too expensive. I'm not really sure on where to buy this stuff in bulk, but this ebay link should do. For a case try to find the biggest carrying case you can. One with a lot of depth. It should be able to hold all the pci cards. I don't know where to find those though. I know my friend had a really big one that was super deep for carrying d&d miniatures.
  10. I just had a great idea. Get a cheapish plastic suitcase that has a lot of depth. Get a large chunk of foam that you can later cut so it fits nicely in the suitcase. Then cut a whole bunch of little slots that are deep enough for the card, but not too deep so you can't pull them out easily. Here's a high quality rendered image. Something along those lines. Not only would it be pretty cool, but it's easy to store and portable
  11. In this case t'would seem he can't turn off upnp without manually editing the router config regardless, might as well make use of the feature. Can't be sure but if I recall snmp is also enabled by default in that box, not exactly security central by any means; though as long as he's trusts whomever is using the router things should be fine. If you are paranoid you can grab from everybodies favourite chicken-little, does nothing to stop custom upnp application crafted packets, simply turns off the windows inbuilt service. You can attempt to prevent a trojan from opening up ports on your router, but really - if it's on your system the game is lost.. (reverse shell over http, most every firewall, corporate or otherwise will allow this, transverses any proxies; hard to detect easy to pull off). I'll check some of that stuff out. Anyway I was able to get uTorrent to actually work really well so now I am downloading files at speeds I used to with Azureus so I am quite happy now. Thanks a lot jabzor
  12. read Thanks man, you've been really helpful. I'm still configuring stuff as I talk so I will see how my speed bumps up here in a second. Anyway when you said this does that mean I should set the value here to False?
  13. Well I'm currently using uTorrent right now. At least with uTorrent I am getting d/u speeds unlike Azureus which was hanging at 0b/s. Upload speeds are pretty optimal, but my download speed is kind of hanging at slow 40-45 kilobytes/s.
  14. Ok so basically I don't have to foward any ports right? And yes I have tried uTorrent, but I couldn't seem to get any downloads really started off its feet. One last question, what's static routing and dynamic routing? Dynamic routing is currently turned off and static routing doesn't have any thing filled out for it on my router.
  15. Sorry I have to bump this, I just would like a quick answer.