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  1. I've been debating upgrading my main box from winserver 2003 r2 to winserver 2008 r2 for a few weeks now. I installed vmware server 2 and put winserver 2008 r2 on it and made sure all of the programs i use work and stuff like that. Then i started to think that I could image the VM and then restore the VM to my physical machine. I don't see why it wouldn't work with things like universal restore and what not, but i wanted to get some opinions. Thanks, Twirlz
  2. Why not make your own farming game and rake in the millions that Zyaga is making...
  3. Thanks Nick84!
  4. I just bought a new hard drive, formatted and what not. During the installation of the hard drive in windows i noticed it gave me the option to mount in a NTFS folder. What are the advantages / disadvantages for wanting to do this? Is it to save drive letters (i don't know why you would need to)? is it a permissions thing? just curious! Thanks
  5. I'm trying to see how hard it would be to replace hinges on my laptop. I've taken all but one screw off the bottom to open it up, but it's pretty tight. I believe i'm close to striping the screw head. Does anyone have any recommendations that might get this screw out without striping the screw head? Thanks!
  6. Hey, Looking for an idea why my computer would slow to a crawl when i'm transferring data over my lan. Right now as it's set up i have a network place on windows server 2003 r2 setup for another computer on my lan. When i take any info from the other computer to the computer with server 2k3 r2 on it, the server 2k3 r2 slows down so much that i can do fuck all with it till the data is finished transfering. What do you guys think? It doesn't make sense to me. I have a fairly decent processor and more than enough ram for the computer. Could it be the NIC? It is a gigabit, but the router is use is 10/100 mb so i know the router would bottleneck but i don't think the transfer speed would effect computer performance. Any feedback is welcome Thanks
  7. When i download torrents and other stuff, no it doesn't slow down. This is my hard driveit has also done this with the previous 80 gig drive. I do have an error on my SCSI/RAID controller (the same as my SATA controller) said that it was set to IDE. Don't remember where i saw that though. Could this be the issue? When i posted this i was transfering Virtual Machine files, but it has happen with any other files as well.
  8. What exactly is the problem? will it not list the directory? What an error show in the logs for the server and what about the client. I had an issue with bulletproof where it wouldn't list the directorys. I ended up opening port 22 and it worked then.
  9. Hey guys, I installed hMailserver on my box at home. I believe i have it setup correctly, but i'm having a problem sending mail outside of my network. I have ports 25 and 110 open on my router. I am able to telnet into the 25 which shows my outbound traffic isn't blocked on port 25, and i'm also able to telnet into my mailserver on port 110 which shows that inbound traffic on 110 isn't blocked. I have my dns MX record pointing to my mailserver. Since I'm on a dynamic IP through Time Warner Cable my IP has been pretty much blacklisted so I'm trying to relay my smtp through their smtp server @ I think this is where my problem is, but not positive. I would post at the hMailserver board, but from reading it they don't sound all that friendly and wanting to help. i'll even show you guys the mail server log in hopes it will prove fruitful. Don't pwn me
  10. I sent an email to my roadrunner and my yahoo email and both sat in my delivery queue. I'm going to try to change my MX records from my .local domain to my domain. edit: well i changed my dns records, change a bunch of settings to match my dns. I'm still getting the same error on my logs. "APPLICATION" 6120 "2009-03-01 08:28:54.125" "SMTPDeliverer - Message 76: Relaying to host" "DEBUG" 6120 "2009-03-01 08:28:54.125" "SD::_InitiateExternalConnection" "DEBUG" 6120 "2009-03-01 08:28:54.125" "Created TCPConnection" "DEBUG" 6120 "2009-03-01 08:28:54.125" "Creating session 241" "TCPIP" 1040 "2009-03-01 08:28:54.265" "TCPConnection - SSL handshake with client failed. Error code: 1, Message: asio.ssl error, Remote IP:" I did make an SSL key and cert, but that didn't fix the SSL handshake problem. from what i've found on google this asio.ssl is some boost thing.
  11. shades: so should i change my MX record to my no-ip domain? The record is for my local domain not the no-ip domain. Seal: I have used telnet to connect to an outside mail server. It's part of the installation guide i used to setup. I just tried to send mail from and i get an error 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. 9sm8875329wfc.39. I don't know any other smtp servers i could use to test this out.
  12. sorry guys. I totally brain farted on my first post in this thread. Sorry. My problem is me sending outbound mail. I can receive it from outside just fine. GRC says 25 and 110 is open. I did test this yesterday from work and i was able to telnet and get OK's when i connected. here's how my mx record looks FQDN of mail server is mail.twirlz.local Mail server priority is at 10. The other stuff is stuff that i couldn't change. i also have an Address record for mail, smtp and pop3 all going to
  13. I ask them to enter their password before they have the chance to blurt it out.
  14. I'm starting to play around with vmware and making a virutal network. I have vmware server and vmware esx server to work this. I also want to use this play around and maybe transition my servers into linux since they are windows now. What i want to do is make a copy of my current setup and use it as a jump off for my virtual machines. I did look at vmware converter, but it won't let me make an image of my current computer to use. Is there something else that i could use to create an image file? or could i use the backup software i have now, make a back up, load this onto the virtual machine and have it work the same? I'm trying to get around the windows activation, i do have a legit copy it just looks bad to have me calling them two days in a row to activate a number of machines.
  15. i use no-ip for a domain for my web server.
  16. Hey, I'm friends with Majestic! It's this other fuck I'd like to get rid of... I'm friends with Majestic as well! I just haven't talked to him in forever.
  17. i just admit the fact that someone out there wants me to be friends with Majestic. Once you admit to this fact life is so much easier.
  18. probably not. its a movie. no one would watch jack whats his nuts bang on keyboard and drink wine to a coded screen.
  19. I recently picked up a computer and processor from craigslist and i'm not sure i can swap the processor that i bought separate from the computer. the computer is a HP Compaq dc5700 Small Form Factor PC with an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 641 3.20 GHz 2 MB L2 cache 800 MHz front side bus with HT Technology and the separate processor i bought is a Intel® Core™2 Duo E6550 processor (2.33 GHz, 4 MB L2 cache, 1333 MHz FSB). Being that the front side bus on both are different, could i put the dual core in this computer? I do understand that i wouldn't be using the full capacity of the processor because the Front side bus wouldn't be as fast as the processor is able to send info. Is there anyother disadvantages for me to do this as well? Thanks in advance.
  20. sweet thanks guys. looks like this processor will have to wait for another build. I found the computer by a dumpster and took it, so free is cheap enough for me for a computer like this. These types of computer i wouldn't buy due to the lack of expandability and what not. thanks again.
  21. Hi, Man this is the very bad forum in vietnam, they use the vbulletin without license from but they also give a free software steal from internet share for other one, so i don't know how to hack it, so i would like help from all of u. thank you BinRev is not a "hacker for hire" or "hackers on steroids".
  22. LordRach... you haven't answered our question.... what is hacking to you?
  23. Spyware sounds like you don't know what hacking is. if this is the realm you're looking into then your not going to get the answers your looking for. Hackers think out of the box... they don't need to be told what to do. Did you just learn how to program to hack a gibson? or did you learn how to program to say you know how to program?
  24. Why not archive them on DVD? then you'll have them which seems to be the problem, they are still portable and you have the space on your hard drive.
  25. Meth is a stimulant, smoking it would probably make it much more difficult to concentrate. However a depressant like alcohol or weed might make it easier (up to a certain point). You'd get to the point where you are shitfaced drunk or slightly more than a little buzzed and you'll probably find it hard to concentrate and have poor memory retention. ritilin and adderall are also stimulants.