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  1. i have a HP Pavillion 550N and it just started to run really really really (you get the point) slow. it has had this problem in the past and the guy that owns the PC brought it to an HP contractor and he messed with it and fixed it. what i am wondering is if this could either be a faulty processor or if it is a BIOS issue. Any ideas/recommendations would be great.
  2. well i will mention it to the owner of the box... im just the "tech friend that fixes computers". i know he didn't have a bios password on it, but he insists that he didn't mess with anything that it "just happen". so but thank you for all of your suggestions
  3. flashed bios and is working perfectly fine now. im curious what would cause the BIOS to degrade like this where you need to re-flash it to get it back up to speed?
  4. the speed of the computer is the same from when i push the power button to when i shut it down. so i don't think that me running alot of programs is the issue. about 15 mins ago i turned this machine on and it is still in limbo from the winxp splash screen to actually being able to do something. however i didn't think about the memory, but like i said before this problem was fixed about a year ago by i guess flashing the BIOS (the owner of the box told me this today) and is just now acting up again. blame windows, tell me i should but linux on this (btw... knoppix live cd worked perfectly on it if that makes a difference), whatever.
  5. how would i check for something like that? just in task manager?
  6. well with one computer i worked on had over 1000 pieces of spyware and that didn't run as slow as this box is. i have run ad aware and spybot and all of the spyware has been cleaned off. the owner of this box told me that the contractor messed with the BIOS and made it run just fine again. question about your statement about BIOS not affecting processor... isn't the BIOS where you overclock your processor? and if not BIOS then would it be CMOS?
  7. I have recently set a project for myself after hearing BR114 when dr^ZigMan was talking about clustering. I am planning on doing it with windows 2000 advanced server or Data Center. This is pretty much all i have found about setting one up and i was wondering if anyone else has done this OUTSIDE OF LINUX. It seems like i can only set this up for 2-4 nodes in the cluster depending on if i use Advanced Server or DataCenter. Also just in general do i need an external shared disk? What exactly would an external shared disk be like? could i just have a computer outside of the cluster? Also... In Ragweed's show on clustering he had said that you would need all of the nodes in the cluster to have the same hardware, amount of RAM and size of HDD... is this necessary? i know it would cause a bottleneck if i had a few 1 ghz along side a 400mhz or if there was different amounts of RAM in teh boxes. any advice will be cool. Thanks
  8. disposable email accounts and a few 10 dollar credit cards that you buy from the bank ( can't think of what they are called) on another note... you have a friend sign up but they don't have a credit/debit card so they use yours and it won't count towards to getting your ipod? thats dumb....
  9. the flesh fairs or flesh markets i think is what you are talking about. from s2ep1?
  10. one thing i have thought about was using disposible email accts for this. my idea is you sign up with your acct and your credit card for said offer. then after the two weeks for that blockbuster trial you cancel it and then start over, make up an email acct, sign up with that email acct and your credit card again. continue till you have your ipod/laptop/flat screen monitor. does anyone think this might work?
  11. i second this... you are paid to do a job not look at shit on the net. you have a computer at home and you can browse to your hearts content AT HOME!
  12. to bad im not a girl i would use linux if i was comfortable with linux, but all of my experience with linux has been bad. So i want to do this with something im a bit more comfortable with. also i have aquired Advanced Server and Data Center, and that link that i posted is a step by step setup using both OS's. i guess i just need the computers to make this cluster. this maybe a stupid question, but could one use a cluster as a normal everyday computer and not map the human genome or map weather patterns
  13. i want to see the y2k get away..... and more SKTFM.TV
  14. windows will make a partion of your whole drive if you don't tell it otherwise. what i do with my windows installs is make a part about 10 GB for windows and personal stuff, then i make another part for music and movies. but with chkdsk.... like what tehbizz said another install might fix it but you may want to get a boot disk and format the drive prior to your install.
  15. phones on the floor that a department would answer don't have the option to transfer. they could put you on hold and then call on their walkie's that there is a call for so and so deptment, but not a call transfer
  16. don't you want to use guess = raw_input("Guess a Number") for your input?
  17. you can call it a drug or not a drug the fact is it is a mood altering chemical, and no matter how you put it mood altering chemicals are more than likely drugs. Yes it is just a weed that grows all over the world and yes there are countries that have it as a legal "drug". Just because its all over and legal in some places doesn't change the fact that it alters your mood when you take it. i used to smoke pot and i hate it when people say its not a drug because it is no matter how you put it. i used to hear this all the time "oh pots not a drug so i can use it yada yada yada" whatever this thread needs to be locked or moved or something because its verbal diahrea now your not following your argument very well. what does all of this have to do with cannabis not being a drug? your talking about legalities in an earlier post and now with how everything is worse than cannabis. i would like to hear more of your arguement of how this DRUG is not a DRUG!
  18. kindda along the same lines. What other DVD authoring software is out there? i have been using Nero Vision Express and it has worked great with the exception of buring DAT (VCD) files. I would like something with a bit more freedom in making the menu's, to put like hidden stuff in the dvd or to have the option to turn on subtitles or change language's. Does anyone know of a free program or any program for that matter that will do this?
  19. this is a daily hack from NewsReal form 9-13-05. Looks pretty sweet
  20. Awesome show! im on the 8/25/05 ep and so far they are very entertaining! keep up the great work!
  21. how would one automate installing this? i thought of a great prank to pull on a friend of mine with this screensaver.
  22. you don't have to DO drugs to know about drugs.
  23. let me intoduce you to some old friends of mine called Mary Jane and Meth!
  24. Not the fucking walmart intercom again... -Dr^ZigMan ← come on walmart intercom is 1337!