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  1. why not use Creative Commons as your EULA
  2. That site is more useful to kernel hackers than to people who are new to Linux. ← or those that want to update and compile a new version of their kernel
  3. you could also try distrowatch or Linux ISO
  4. So i just built my first box (woohoo) and im trying to get it to work as best and as fast as possible. So i've searching google for ways to get better preformace and i found something about memory timing (something i have never heard of till now). In my box i have 2x 512 sticks of ram both are PC3200 400mhz. Where in my BIOS would i look to tweak my memory timing? also in the page i found it was talking about numbers on the ram, i believe it was CAS? any how what about be a good setting to get the best performance out of my newly built machine? Thanks
  5. just about finished building my first computer. all i need now is to finish the wiring to the mobo from the case. In the manual it has a picture for the System Panel Header, but i only understand a few of the abbreviations that are used in the picture. There is PLED+, PLED-, PWRBTN#, GND (which is ground i believe), HDLED+, HDLED-, another GND, RESET# and DUMMY. mobo_wiring.bmp another problem is that i don't know what color wires to plug into what spot on this part of the mother board. any help would be awesome. Thanks
  6. thanks jabzor. that really helped... i could have been less of a noob and looked at the connectors and actually read what was on them sorry about the bmp. win2k will only save bmp files from paint, but they it gave you some kind of referance to what i was talking about. telling me to google it.... after i googled the name of the board with "wiring to case" and didn't find anything i thought i would ask here. but again thanks
  7. Why not? ← sorry i was thinking of FAT16
  8. what OS are you running? if i remember correctly FAT32 doesn't support files larger than 2 GB
  9. if your new to linux you should try some live-cd's like knoppix, gnoppix, or many of the other ones out there
  10. IRC

    irc is for one thing and only one thing.... everything else is a lie! pron
  11. By restart you mean windows won't start or you can't power up? if windows won't start then a re-install should fix the problem and if it won't power up i would look at the hardware: power supply, mother board or hard drive
  12. I forgot if 411 is free from coin phones in Minneapolis (I will check...) but what you said made me think, how does 411 know to bill or not? It must be a feature on the line. I was thinking maybe it is the ANI II digits but that wouldn't make sense because then 411 would be free from COCOTs too (II pair 70, just like millenniums). Actually, I think the Millennium phone bills for 411 here but the fortress phones don't.. Yeah I'll have to check. ← i tried it from a payphone at Cub a few years ago and i could get the phone number, but had to pay to call the number. Unless things have changed in a the last few years
  13. Figure it out on your own. Thats the fun of it. ← i figured it out, but i can't get it to work.... if it is suppose to work
  14. you could try the alternative to quicktime. quicktime alternative
  15. yes there have been plenty of threads on this topic.
  16. if i had time i would be grabbing stank quotes from rfa
  17. i would love to send decoder some books. keep the brain thinking and entertained
  18. probably as a start date or that the date is the same as a default code or password. there was a special ep that was on 11/11
  19. who was on the phone that was being "illeagaly" video taped on 4?
  20. from all of this guys other posts these are starting to sound malicious. but i could be wrong
  21. you may want to read this and it might help you out
  22. This isn't always so easy..some of the machines won't always release the receipt from the printer correctly and it will be stuck inside the slot..Hopefully, you're not in a hurry because you'll have to stick something inside to try to remove it, else the next user will receive your receipt instead of their own (or maybe both.) ← alright what you just said is "lets find ANYWAY that what the previous person said" what you said is dumb. if it were to get stuck inside how is the next person gonna get your recpeit? and if your in a hurry, maybe you should have left earlier (and to save the next person from saying this) WELL WHAT ABOUT TRAFFIC.
  23. does it have a drive bay? so couldn't you go and buy a cd-rom for it?
  24. i'm sorry but if i print out a receipt and i don't take it then its my fault that i have people using my credit card number. yes it is a bad policy to have the full number printed but if YOU print the receipt and then you don't take it??? whats wrong with you. but you did the right thing by writing the letter informing them about this
  25. could someone explain wine to me? is it some kindda windows emulator? if so can you install windows appz within the wine environment? so then could someone say install compu serve within wine and then use compu serve at surf the net and still download linux apps and then use set apps for linux? i'm really wired right now so if it doesn't make sense i will explain it better