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  1. but that goes for every single bit of software out there *cough*windows*cough* they just want to roll out what they have in hopes and we the ppl that buy the crap will be the beta testers for their software in hopes that they don't have to spend the money on patches to fix the software or security updates to keep your info safe. but when will this change? there are virus writers that use the exploit in Outlook Express in the Preview Pane to activate their vbs script. now i don't know if that has been fixed yet, but for the longest time they let that go.
  2. one good question i thought of is keyloggers. sometimes you don't have the filter but there is the keylogger in you box. do you think it would be wise to remove one from you box at work? i've tried but was blocked when installing the Anti-Keylogger on my box. i wasn't taken away or anything like that so i don't think that would have found out ( since i work in a corperate company there is like 5000 ppl that they have to keep servalance on)
  3. thanks for the proxies nick!!! :rockon: now i can d/l RFA @ skewl!!1
  4. EBay Auction for Art of Deception #1 EBay Auction for Art of Deception #2 now when i looked @ the pics on these 2 auctions i saw a huge difference in the signitures!!! one has the date that kevin (questionably signed it) and the other doesn't..... hmmmmm..... makes you think. now i do realize that kevin's hand could have been hurting from signing so many copies of his book but even his john hancock doesn't even look remotely simular.
  5. well where to start... i bought a new 20 gb hd about last year and since about 6 mnths after i bought it i started to recieve an error and i was wondering if anyone here knew precicly what causes this type of error and how to stop it. its called a "delayed write error" and it seems to happen every once in awhile. it goes in spurts. for maybe a month it will happen all the time and then it stops and then months down the road it will start up again. now i did do a google search for it and the only responce i got was to replace the hard drive. well i don't know about you guys but i don't have the money for a new hd!!! i've checked my cable connections in the box and everything is fine there but it causes huge lasting problems with my box. i recently had to re-install windows and format both of my hard drives due to this error and lost everything that i downloaded. so if anyone can help me out that would be great. Thanx
  6. well i swapped the ide cable out and there was a problem with the cable. it seems that one of the wires had a bit of it cut out!!! this is amazing how the computer company can sell shit like this!!! but like i said i swaped the cable out and so far so good!! no error yet but since that "special feature" with the hard drive slows performance i will keep that on, and if the error comes back then i will turn that off then. Thanx to Everyone that helped.
  7. i totally aggree! being the first internet/hacker radio show i started to listen to and paved the way for RFA!! to see it go and now to hear thats its coming back in music to my ears.
  8. you know what i was looking at that last night!!!! f**king a dude. it sez something to the effect that it will make your saving or some shiznit faster and here it fu*ks up my computer!!! :flameon: :flameon: Fu*k this dude!!! if the people in my house were more open and willing to learn a new os i would install some fuc*ing Linux on my box so god damn fast Bill Gates would fu*king Sh*t his fuc*ing pants. FU*K YOU WINDOWS!!!!! jesus christ. its not a security flaw its a feature!!! fu*k fu*k fu*k!!!!!!! at least i don't have to pay for a fu*king update to fix the problem!!!! whoa!! sorry guys but this has seriously pissing me off!!! ok i'm fine now i just needed to get that out!! Thanks Stank!!! :rockon:
  9. i havn't seen it happen in knoppix yet. but yea it happens in windows. i was currently using NTFS and it happen faster than when i had it fat32 ( i figured that NTFS would fix the problem since i'm using xp. god this fucking sucks. i think i might just have to suck it up and buy a new box.
  10. i have a cd burner but once this happens usually i can't get to the drive again. i've used knoppix to try to get the stuff that i want to keep. this hard drive is used to store my gigs for p2p sharing so i have anime, movies, music and appz in this drive. but no i don't usually back up the drive. but i found the problem with the drive this time. kindda ironic but i have a folder dedicated to internet radio show and it happen to be my RFA folder that was corupt but now i can't get rid of the folder because now it sez that the folder can't be read. i've even tried to wipe it but that won't work either. i'll probably back up the drive and format and re-install the drivers. but can someone tell me what would cause this error to happen, is it hardware or software? Should i replace the cable from the motherboard? and my case when i opened it last wasn't hot in there. and for the hard disk fan would that be like a heat sink?
  11. Kevin Mitnick on TSS Saw this on the screen savers site. he's suppose to be on to talk about his book! Should be pretty interesting. :rockon:
  12. its kewl dude... i just saw it and since i be newb i thought it would be cool to see and to tell everyone else about it. seeing that i've heard so much of kevin and hearing him on OTH that it would be cool to see a 1337 hacker ( or reformed hacker). naw dude its cool
  13. sorry i didn't know. but i know now Thanx.
  14. i think it was a couple weeks ago on tech tv there on secret, strange and true ( something to that effect) they had a thing on there about hackers in the uk. it was majorly about black hats and what they have done not really a learning experience. but they did have a few white/grey hats there to that are in cheif of security of isp's and what not.
  15. hehe funny no its not stand alone its a payment center, but when i last talked to some one at the corp office they said that they had equipment there and since i live a mile away from the place i decided what the hell and gave it a go. but there are no resturants in the strip mall... but who knows, but if they are drunks then that could be a plus since people who get drunk alot do get stupid ( no offense to any people here who drink alot) and through good shit away. :rock: that would be kewl!!
  16. well ya they will have regular garbage i wasn't complaining i was telling everyone of my first dive. but i will continue with this dumpster and i will find more and hopefully find something of interest. btw the peeps at that cable company are a bunch of drunks there was more beer in that dumpster than anything else.