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  1. scientology tried to keep google from showing anything anti scientology.
  2. all the pron i can ever think of on a disk the size of my fingernail..... this is awesome!
  3. sorry i was talking about the disk. not the drive
  4. after using one daily for a month straight i had one go out on me.
  5. so here's the deal. i was given a Dimension 4700 because the person i got it from said it was broke. So i thought hey its pretty new and im sure i can get it to work since they know fuck all about computers. To my surprise and about 4 days of fucking with it im ready to start it on fire and dance around its burnt corpse. When the box boots up the xp splash screen comes up and then blue screens saying somthing about it not being able to mount the drive. so i boot into the diagnostic tools on the drive and run the test they have on the drive. everything comes back as saying the drive is shot. So i go out and buy a new sata drive for the box. slap that bitch in there, put my win2k cd in the dvd drive, start it up and *beep* *beep* no bootable drive found.... alright. reboot, f12 to select dvd drive to boot... *beep* *beep* no bootable drive found...ok. take new drive out, put it in another computer, install windows on the drive, put it back in the dell POS, same beeps and no bootable device found. I checked cables to make sure they were in the mobo and connected properly to the drives. i then call the fucktards called dell tech support in hopes they can help me. *waits 30 minutes on hold* to find that the computer isn't under warrenty *duh* and that i would have to call the fee based support line. /me gets furious hangs up and calls it a day. I go to sleep to do a mental defrag of my day in hopes that the next day will bare some better fruit to get this shitbox up and running. *goes to work* i searched google a majority of my day looking for a solutioin to this problem. only to find that the box that was given to me could be a fire hazard. i make a mental note to check about the case fan... back on topic. Got home and started on this bitch again. thought to myself "hey since its a maxtor hard drive i know there is a tool on their site that might help" downloaded PowerMax ran that to find that the hard drive is going bad *no shit*. *takes a breath* so here i am asking if anyone else has an idea to salvage this box before i sacrifice a goat and ask Xenu to reserect it for me. Thanks in advance.
  6. the new hard drive does boot because i did try it on my computer.
  7. i just put it on my cell phone and i can here it perfectly on my cell phone, but not on my computer speakers
  8. replace "hacking" with pron and i think you would be really pissed off.
  9. I think it worth the upgrade for the hardware not software right now. eventually everything will be 64 bit. i bought a 64 bit processor when i built my last computer for said fact. why not jump on the bandwagon now. GO 64 BIT!
  10. i have a LG VX8100 thru Verizon and i get unlimited wap access for 15 bucks and i get AIM for free and a side note my phone doubles as an mp3 player
  11. i just got a verizon LG-VX8100 phone and so far its awesome, however i was wondering if there is any free apps, games or wap sites that i could use on my phone when i get my mini sd card. kthx
  12. no it doesn't. its a BREW phone
  13. wow i feel old now.... im 26 and i can't hear it, but my 5 year old daughter can hear it just fine.
  14. sorry but ad aware is not an Anti-Virus program its a Spy Ware removal tool I use sygate for my firewall and Norton System Works 2003 (because i don't need to buy a new one to get a new virus subscrition)
  15. xvid because its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  16. sure you do
  17. maybe you could post your code.... it would be helpfull to see what your doing rather than just saying "this isn't working"
  18. i found some payphones that pic codes don't work and even talking to the op i can't get at&t. i believe the company was global crossing. The payphones were in Apple Valley, MN
  19. here's the deal. recently i installed DVD Fab Decrypter on my computer. since then when i burn an audio cd some of the tracks skip. After a google search i found everything pointing to having DMA on. is there a way to fix this problem with the cd's and still keep DMA on? Im running win2k and using Nero Thanks
  20. i recently had an encounter with a scammer and what i did when they asked for a number is i gave them my k7 voicemail number in hopes that i would get their number.
  21. i took (downloaded it and uploaded it here.... not a leech ) mine from a torrent site
  22. oh how i love decoder radio shows
  23. "start>run>your command" should do what you want.
  24. Yeah what a gibson it was .. Good thing I had a futuristic P-666 that had the uber1337 Screeshotasticular attached and i copied it: ← please tell me you kept that trash file. i must have that
  25. you are going to want to use IDLE and from there you can save your code.