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  1. as long as there are free thinkers and people that think outside of the box there will be hackers.
  2. so where is the long lost ep 13? is it on
  3. you can use the torrent. in fact i downloaded bt2 in a half hour with bittorrent. go get utorrent, get the bt2 torrent and you will get the iso image you wish to burn.
  4. ep 41 isn't on textfiles yet.
  5. i just spoke to this guy trying to find someone. well long story short i had the wrong number and rather than confirming the number i dialed so i could remove it he told me he wasn't gonna tell me because he was afraid that i was gonna steal his phone number and charge calls to it. i got quite the headache from him. i have never heard of this... is it possible for someone to "steal" someones phone number and charge calls to it?
  6. Hack his answering machine and leave a greeting that just says 'yes' ever few seconds over and over... don't know if it works these days but back in the eighties when AT&T had that automated third party stuff it would use voice reconigition to listion for 'yes' and it did work... anyone know if that still works today? but to simply not confirm it?? dude is a retard. keep calling. i should have wrote down his number.... i wrote down a number for a tv that won't pay his/her bill because it cost 10,000$ to get a penis cut off.... his/her words, not mine
  7. has anyone used this and had a good experience? i recently backup data from a vista install and i am trying to get it back on my xp install. i have installed the back up utility and tried to restore my back up. sadly it can't find the backup files on the disks i burnt. the disks are full of zip files and when i try to open them it freezes the process and i have to term it. any help? can i use a different back up/restore utility to get this data back on my computer? thanks
  8. did you already wipe out your vista install? yeah i ended up having to install vista again to recover and just burnt the stuff to dvd rather than using the backup disks. next time i will use a third party backup utility instead of windows backup *leason learned*
  9. i was reading the nannycracking topic here and saw the post that nick put up about proxies. i was wondering how excatly a proxie works. is it as if i was logged into another network? and am i kindda out of my current network if i am in a proxy?
  10. so i installed vista on my laptop and it killed my speakers. anyhow compaq wants me to send it in to them to fix it. im some what apprehensive about sending them a laptop thru the mail. does anyone have an idea how i could get the speakers to work again? when i use headphones to listen to something and i unplug them the speakers work for a second then cut out again. any ideas would be great! Thanks
  11. That's just plain crazy. That, my friend is M$. I had a gut feeling about this one, I am the computer whisperer/tech support psychic/Nick Burns. I've troubleshot too many weird problems like this in the past. Just make sure to escalate the issue with Compaq. They should be aware that this is not a hardware issue. Also, what kind of laptop is it? Maybe there are Vista drivers out for it all ready. Even if they are not Compaq released/approved. -un its a presario v5000. the tech i was chatting with gave me vista drivers for the laptop. maybe im a total noob but when do speakers need drivers? i thought it was just the sound cards.
  12. problem==vista. i went back to windows xp and my speakers work again. guess i will have to wait until its fixed before i upgrade again
  13. ive played audio in winamp and wmp as well and both worked in the headsets, but not on the speakers. yes the system is under warrenty and compaq is sending me stuff to have it sent to them and to have it sent back. total turn around time is suppose to be 8-10 days. of course i will be backing everything up before i send it. i will try the linux live cd and see if that works. i even though of rolling back to winxp just to see if the sound works there as well. thanks
  14. the compaq tech got me the right driver for the sound card and that is when i found out the speakers weren't working. when she asked me to use external speakers or headsets is when she said its a hardware issue and no longer a hardware issue bigbrother: yeah that page is under help on the OS and i tried that before hand.
  15. have you tried another dvd? i've seen that with nero and i switch to another dvd-r and it burns just fine.
  16. dvdlab is very powerful and is probably what your looking for. I know Seal uses it for his productions. Its not free, but im sure you have your sources for stuff like that.
  17. it told me that too, but i dialed again and it went thru
  18. Nero Burning Rom will not burn/convert avi files if you were to download the current nero demo pack you will have a package in there called Nero Vision. that will convert and burn your avi files. Make sure its current because the past 2 updates (before now) because the transcoding would make the dvd video choppy. so nero vision is the way to go and if you know where to look you can make it free
  19. i just bought a laptop with embedded wireless. my question is... is there a way to boost my signal without having to buy a usb adapter? Thanks
  20. to me hacker media would be a different view point. i wouldn't consider sean kennedy a computer hacker, but he inspires you to think differently so in a way he is hacking your head. hackermedia is non-mainstream media that shares a different view point than Fox or NBC.... all though there is media that has no view point at all but is entertaining to listen to that i have found thru rantmedia, binrev and hackermedia
  21. all work and no play make homer something something.... yes that is new. /me runs to send email to doug
  22. I am not from NYC. I am 4 hours south of NY. I am in Baltimore, MD. Her phone number is 443-4xx-xxxx 443-411-0000 *rings* cypress's mom? damn 443-411-0001 *rings* cypress's mom? damn
  23. Hmm? I'm not with the department of defense! im pretty sure decoder was saying Direct Outbound Dial... DOD
  24. host: buck dangler co-host: Mr. Pink co-host: Juciy Julie
  25. HOPE is pretty good about recording the speaches and putting them up on their site... no need to worry about hearing it if you can't make it