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  1. Recently i setup a personal web server and i had a bit of an experience last night. Let me explain. I was messing around on my server getting dual monitors setup and after i did so i thought it would be funny to have both monitors have pron on both and take a picture to show my girlfriend (i thought it would be funny). So i opened firefox type in and to my surprise my site came up without pictures. I am using Apache for Windows using virtual hosts. My question is why, only on this computer did this happen? Here is the virtual hosts conf file (edited for doc droppage) <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot c:/xampp/htdocs/*****/ ServerName ***** </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot c:/xampp/htdocs/******/ ServerName ****** </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot c:/xampp/htdocs/****/ ServerName </VirtualHost> Is there a way that this can be fixed? Thanks
  2. So I want to run more than one website from a box at home. I have looked into apache for windows using the virtual hosts option, but i don't think that is what i'm looking for. From what i read about apache using virtual hosts that can only be used internally, am i correct in saying that? If i can use apache for windows with virtual hosts how would me entering a URL going to my box at home know which folder it's suppose to look to for the website that i want? If i can't use apache for windows with virtual hosts, can i run multiple instances of apache for windows to get the result i'm looking for? and if that is not possible is there another web server that i could run to get the desired effect? Thanks
  3. So apache will read the URL entered and route it to the folder for said website? also i see that your using linux, this will work in windows as well?
  4. I'm sure its 1337 shit that you can only learn from this book... probably all about the .hack command and how to use it. I'm going to buy this after i get done with Scientology.
  5. RAM

    I used to look at, but i've been dealing with newegg more now a days.
  6. I've recently setup a webserver using apache for windows and i'm playing around with ideas about what i want to use it for... i've come to the conclusion that i would like to be able to mms pictures to it and have them posted to the site. I've found sites that do this, but i want my own for my family to go there and see pics rather than having to send it to an email box, download it, edit the file. it more to save time and be convenient. Does anyone know of a program or something that i could use? Thanks
  7. I've been wanting to setup an ftp server for fun for awhile now. My idea is to have my login to do whatever i want and have an anonymous login so that whomever finds my server can upload whatever they want but can't download anything. I have it setup with Bulletproof but it doesn't look like it has the option for what i want. I am running it on Windows Server 2003 R2. Does anyone know of an ftp server that has this option and likely free. Thanks
  8. got it. thanks for the help. i thought it was more complex than what it actually was!
  9. Recently I setup remote desktop on my home pc and have been using it as a make shift tunnel so i can surf what i want at work. I stopped doing this because i want to make sure the content of what i'm looking at while on my home pc isn't some how coming across the work server and gets me in trouble or worse fired. And no i'm not making a habit of looking at pron while on the job, just a few sites like yahoo mail and a few others that are filtered. Do i need to worry about this getting me in trouble, like i should stop doing this and just wait till i get home or is there no content that is sent across and i'm just being paranoid.
  10. I have my own pc repair business as a side job. All of my advertising is word of mouth and business cards i leave around. I went to vistaprint got 250 business cards for free and i leave them on bulletin boards around town.
  11. Does anyone know of some programs that test parts of motherboards? I have a box i'm using that has three slots and i have them full but windows and the bios only recognizes two of the 256's of three. i have pulled each piece of ram and moved the around and tried them in other boxes so i think its the board. any suggestions are welcome thanks.
  12. Yeah i would buy a new board if i had the money to do that. i put to get a box with parts i had around and lucked out that the board was the same socket as some processors i had. I do want to put more ram into it. new ram is cheaper than a new board with the size i want. i'll try that out and if anything i have more ram for a future box.
  13. Recently I have gotten tired of people leeching off my wireless network to get their internet fix and i rather than setup encryption i had an idea and i don't know exactly how to execute this joke/deterrent to the leechers. Here's my idea. I want to have my modem and router go thru a server that is running a web server, but what i want to happen is to have everyone from the outside to only access my web server while i'm able to have access to the internet. The web server will either have pictures from shock web sites i.e. goatse, meatswing and stuff like that or a federal background saying their mac address has been logged and you will be investigated. i know how to make the website and setup the web server, however i don't know how to filter the mac addresses to have my computer's mac address's access the interweb and have the leechers watch 2 girls 1 cup no matter what url they type in. Any thoughts as to how i can do this? I'm not very good with linux so that wouldn't be recommended, but i'm willing to try options with it. I also have all the hardware, i just don't have the knowledge as how to implement it. Any thoughts or improvements are welcome. Thanks
  14. myxertones is a website that you can will send you ringtones, videos, wallpapers and games to your cell phone. The lock he is talking about is that you can't forward the text messages they send them on. They put a restriction on the mp3 they send to make it so you can't send it. Personally i love the site and could careless that they restrict the mp3. They give you a full song and you clip out what you want for your ringtone and then they send it to you for free. If you want to be able to resend the mp3 why don't you put it on the phone yourself rather than use their service?
  15. I'm in West Seneca, but i haven't looked for a 2600 meeting.
  16. the stankdawg is arrested or was that that ACH take over with the pink layout that everyone loved?
  17. im gonna be getting a new hard drive and rather than doing a re-install and have to re-install everything im looking into cloning my drive now and then installing it on the new drive when i get it. what do you use for disk cloning? i know about norton ghost, but i don't have the money to purchase any software so free would be choice. Thanks
  18. silly me forgot to search the forums before i posted
  19. Has anyone heard of this before? Seems to me its like a virtual KVM switch. im going to be trying it tonight on my boxes.
  20. I might actually be able to do something of the sort. I've been listening to Binrev for about three weeks straight, from 0 to 99 so far. After Binrev I was going to move onto something else, and heard of phreakphactor from one of the episodes, and it sounded quite fun. you should move to default radio after binrev
  21. a dvd is made up of .bup,.vob and .ifo files. i use convertxtodvd and then use nero to burn the dvd
  22. well it finally happen. my daughter broke a key from my keyboard off. it still works without the key ( i can still press "m" and i still get a "m" on the screen) does anyone know how i could fix it? i tried to just push it down and it won't stay. any suggestions?
  23. i played around with it somemore and figured it out. thanks
  24. use nero vision to burn the avi's to dvd and you can't burn a .bin without a .cue file (maybe you can but it would be tough) get daemon tools, mount the .bin copy the .dat file from the mpegav folder (assuming your .bin is a vcd/svcd) and again use nero vision to burn it to a watchable dvd
  25. at the age of 13-15 i can't remember my age at the time. i was looking thru the local paper for 800 sex lines and found a 800 number that gave you an amex card number for your phone number. probably to get around a 900 block. me and my neighbor went down to a payphone and sat on phone sex lines for a good 4 hours till we got bored. i tried it again later and the number didn't work anymore.