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  1. that was awesome... it's unfortunate more things arent recorded with this setup, an orchestra with this in the middle would be pretty cool i think
  2. not the biggest fan of SuSe, it did to much for me, i wanted something that i had full controll of, and im not liking YaST but it is working while gentoo is not currently so yeah.... its just OS X and up that is based on UNIX right?
  3. lol, too funny how stupid people can be. i love her response of maybe they picked it up off of the ground and threw it on themselves
  4. when i had problems with kismet i did a lot of searching through google, but... did u do everything in the kismet config right? do u have your network card set up for monitor mode? just some things to check.. In way of the computer security, check out the links section, there are some places with some great sites with a lot of reading material. Yeah videos might be easier, and Iron Geek's vids are great, but u cant just use those, you have to back it up with reading
  5. i kinda like the brown theme , altho the kubuntu color scheme is good too i think ubuntu is growing so much because it is always suggested as a good starter distro, and that there is SOOO much support with it, community wise. personally im not a big ubuntu fan, but it does seem like the most popular distro
  6. has anybody actually done this? Im curious if its only older cell phones with blue tooth are vulnerable, or not
  7. I used to have richochet, but this was years ago.. it was a good idea , but the service was shoddy so we ended up droping it. altho the boxes on the telephone poles around me looked very different than the pictures posted.
  8. I'm working on a paper on software and hardware hacks for iPods, more specifically the 4th generation ipods, would this be something appropriate to post on doc droppers?
  9. so yeah heard about the new monopoly with the credit cards instead of paper money, but it hase a mag strip reader/writer with it... i wonder how easy it would be to use it for reading more the monopoly cards... anybody know if that is just way off or an actual possibility?
  10. i havent done the whole imaging thing yet, but im thinking about it cause it seems like it would be a great idea... anyway my question is how long does it take generally? i realize that depending on the type of compression it wil take longer. but for example a 30 gb hd with ntfs formatting, would generally take what a night, an hour? dont know
  11. i use suse 10.1 on my laptop, what i found useful is to install kismet from the CD, then uninstall it. What that will do is install the required packages that kismet needs. but u need to uninstall kismet becuase it does not put the files where they "should" be, so to make it a billion times easier for you, go download the newest kismet, and in the terminal do the ./configure thing and it should work. hope that helps
  12. maybe just delete these photobucket threads... and we might move down in the google search page? just a thought
  13. for a ghost, it is required that the image goes onto the exact same computer, or at least the same hardware, correct?
  14. eh it seems usueful for real beginners at it (such as i who havent looked through metasploit yet) but yeah the command for it is pretty funny
  15. nope but it was in the 2nd week of august and it said 6-8 weeks so it should be here any time between tomorrow and october