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    I float.. While everyones around me busy drowning.. I float <br />Things to never forget; <br /><br />1) Only love is real. <br /><br />2) Do not hate those that wish to destroy you, show everyone unconditional love. <br /><br />3) Understand such people havent learned yet and will through your interactions. <br /><br />4) Death is the illusion used to control the physical world. <br /><br />5) I am here to learn thru understanding of experiences. <br /><br />6) Do not let problems out in the world control the way you feel. Just help one person at a time. <br /><br />7) Love is a gift given to us all to experience any given moment by our own choosing.
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  1. word man, you still conf at all?

    we usualy on the socal or fishers

    peace man


  2. heh lols at murd0cs comment

  3. one day you'll learn what it is I'm talking about.

    peace and blessings, greyarea

  4. heh the instructions were funny =)
  5. whats the pmf forums? fearzz
  6. I remember that whodaddy list PnG did, that was the best.
  7. BRING BACK DEFAULT ... & BRING BACK THE TRUTH .... word is bon jovi!! bring it back to your face!!!!
  8. right and theres nothing anyone can do about it from this point on... unless, they lost their technology.. hahahahaha Im so just kidding.. /me leaves town takes only cash.. ::
  9. who do you use? vonage?? What type of adaptor do you have? or soft?: I know I had vonage for like a week years ago now it seems.. and when I would be on a conf, then hang up and place another call,. the people on the conf could hear my entire conversation and I had no idea they were there until a friend called me telling about what was happening.. the adaptor at the time they gave me was one of those motorola" v terminals" peice of shit. curious what istp you have and what ata. peace
  10. does this have something to do with the "fearness" haha good job man, I know you was OCD'ing on that article for a while now. Glad you got it out. peace
  11. :teeth: Is it because you're canadian? heh
  12. NICE, Ill have to check out your article when I get back from VEGAS!
  13. I don't know why people would ask you such a question. Maybe it came across not how he wanted it to be presented because of text and all but.. "He does what he wants" We are all learning in everything we do, whats better than real life situations if you have the time to learn as you go.. You find out what you need and, figure out how to do it. Then move on. But good luck. I'm not an asterisk genuis but have been doing Asterisk for the last 4 years. So if you have any questions in the future with stuff feel free to hit me up. I love Asterisk, to me it has changed my quality of living greatly. peace
  14. Call this number and ask for reverese lookup 602-458-8885 hit 0 a bunch of times to get past the recording prompts. Its only listed info. or rememeber you can backspoof for name but the above numbers gives you address if there. If you backspoof, remember that there are different libd databases, so spoof across to different providers that do the dips. And if it doesnt pull the name on a provider that you know gets cnam, ust retry. sometimes they fail to get that info for whatever reason. I can only make theories as to way they fail.