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  1. If you don't trust them, then check the source code, and build from source.
  2. I heard their show on rantradio, back in the day.
  3. I run fbsd on this box, and I love it. I also run gentoo on my file/print server, and h3knix on a development box. ( I suggest everyone tries h3knix, it is a very fast, resource-friendly distro. And as much as I'd like to write paragraph after paragraph on that commy bullshit about Suse, I'm afraid im too lazy to type more then this. But you get the idea
  4. If you have imagemagick installed, you can use the import command, which takes screenshots from any window, using the -w flag. For example, import -w root /path/to/image.png will take a screen shot of the root window (full desktop). You can also supply the name of a specific window, so you won't even need to doctor your screenshots in photoshop just to focus on one window. Good luck.
  5. If you are emerging more than a single package, you can place them all on the same line: emerge <flags> package1 package2 ... also, if you use -S to search (instead of -s), it will search the package description as well as the package name (thus, you would have found nslookup and dig). emerge -S "nslookup"
  6. They speak for themselves
  7. Gentoo's init scripts (start, stop, status, sleep, etc. start-stop-daemon) Portage (source installs, easy, configurable, USE flags) Community (#gentoo, GWN, Gentoo Forums) Install (Source, configurable, no bulk) Gentoo is love.
  8. In firefox, type "about:mozilla" without the quotes, into the location bar, and press enter.
  9. Insert your windows CD and reboot. Then, you have two options: The quick fix. Do a repair, and your back in your old windows environment The perminent fix: Do a format, and throw the CD into the fireplace.
  10. Nova Scotia goon right here, loving the canada h/p scene Anyway, I used to be in a paint crew called EBS, and we always tagged to shit like Defari, Mykill Myers, Jedi Mind Tricks, Deltron 3030, Jeru the Damaga, Dr Doom/Dr Octogon/Mr Gerbik/ Madd schiztophrenic. I still listen to it now and then (nostalgia, mostly), since I've completely changed my tastes in music. But you can never turn your back completely on music like that.
  11. Someone else had this problem, because they deleted some of the old tgz files in /var/swaret or whatever. Since you didn't say you did, I assume that you didn't. Anyway, the only thing these people could think of was removing swaret, and then installing it again. I didn't see anything relevent on the swaret forms (, but I didn't look very long.
  12. I would either use Shadow's Text-based client ( with Screen, or use Azureus. I use Azureus 99% of the time, and love it.
  13. RPMs suck, no questions asked. If you aren't using a system like gentoo, with its ever so sexified portage system, I suggest you look for sourced tar balls
  14. Tabs have changed from previous fluxbox versions. The new tabing system will generate tabs, by spliting the topbar of the program (where it says like, program name, and has the minimize, maximize and X buttons). To tab, its just like before. Grab the program window with the middle click, drag it over into the program window of another, and they will merge. To change between them, click the title of said program in the program title bar.
  15. Try Gentoo PPC. Although it has a smaller portage repository than x86, its still gentoo, a thus it rocks your socks.