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  1. I actually have both devices and I definitely use the 770 more that the Zaurus. And with the current prices of the 770, I think that it'll be more worthwhile to get it.
  2. Yea, I'm definitely gonna be there. Last year was my first con and it was a blast.
  3. personally, I've been able to wardrive from ms to ky and saw over 800 ap's. Unfortunately, I didn't have a gps to hook up with it and have a location for all of those points. wardriving on a long trip is a great way to kill some time.
  4. Works great for me. Very nicely done sir. I even like the icon.
  5. Is it not possible to surf your way back to that page? I see that http://www.drexel.edu/catalog/ is the course catalog for that school. You must have been looking at a specific major or course. If you still can't surf back to it, contact that school/that dept. and ask them about it. The problem is going to be on their end,
  6. Digital Acid, I'd look for either Hiren's BootCD or Ultimate BootCD because I think that both have several different hdd/partition tools that you may be able to use. Both have PartitionMagic (I think) and you may be able to use that to change your drive letters.
  7. Is there a floppy drive that you could use a boot floppy and access the cd drive?
  8. Are you sure that the cd drive works?
  9. Wait until the end of the tour and ask to see the nsa room. jj, pics would be cool.
  10. Congrats on the award. As to what you should do, I recommend checking this thread to see what others have done.
  11. some of nenn's nix suggestions, which are good, have windows ports that will run in the command line. When you go to the respective sites, just look around and see if they have windows ports. I'm also a fan of the sysinternals tools. They can provide alot of information as to how programs operate in windows.
  12. I passed it no problem. I really hope that queation 19 does not affect the overall score becuase why would a natural citizen even need to know that??
  13. This is a really, really awesome idea droops. I think that the University (of Mississippi) recycles older computers to public schools but I think that I'm gonna contact procurement services and talk with them about it. If they don't, I'll see what I can't talk them into.
  14. I'm just now getting around to BinRev radio for this week and there's a bunch of the recordings on it.
  15. I thought java was free. Anywho, since java started out with Sun, they have a lot of info on their site, http://java.sun.com/ and if your looking for a free compiler, you could use EclipseIDE. EDIT: there may be better java info sites than Sun's, anybody have any suggestions?