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  1. Just a couple of notes about the cut today in Wawina (It is spelled Wawina) 15:12, the last cirucit was cut over to T1 about 17:15 we pulled the breaker on the N2 system. It's beleived to be the last N2 system. Alaska may or may not be N2, it's SF for sure, but could be radio (Mircowave or Sat). If it is N2 It's probably Lynch and not WECO. I have pictures of the Wawina end of the N2 which I'll put online sometime soon. I was able to see the Grand Rapids end, but photos are not allowed in a Qwest office without a note from Ma Bell. 1306/1307 are gone for good. I've moved the recordings to 2600 as-is for now. Later, I'll have an introduction from Bob or myself that talks about about the history and the cut. I'll also put up the sound files sometime soon from 1307 and maybe from the conferences that I recorded. Thanks to everyone who helped get the word out and to everyone who called and played with it. I'm glad I was able to provide an "Old Skool" playground for those who have never had a chance to play with 2600 signalling. Our goal is to get this equipment shipped to the Telephone Museum out east and hopefully they will get it back online and working. I don't normally hang out here, so if you want to get in touch, email me or leave a message for me on 1313. It was a good system while it lasted. N2 Wawina MN 1972-2006 RIP --Shane