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  1. in theory sure, it can be done in pratice I doubt this is the right place to ask this question as majority here are US
  2. and here in Poland prepaid SIM cards are available like a newspapers are, it is cheap and available almost everywhere, no question asked, you pay you get SIM with a credit, just insert into phone and start calling
  3. it doesn't look like a service for an end-user, I don't need to buy thousands of minutes
  4. http://www.portfolio.com/news-markets/nati...fenders-Profile
  5. writing a dialplan is almost always about more than one pattern and remember that asterisk and ATAs analyze line from top to the bottom so it is important to place them in the correct order
  6. if you can't figure it by yourself contact Black Ratchet or ntheory instead of just waiting and doing nothing, you should be reading about dialplan like in here : <a href="http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asteris...alplan+Patterns" target="_blank">http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asteris...alplan+Patterns</a> it all depends on where 2920 will be (always at the end or also in the middle of the number and how long numbers do you expect users to dial ?) here is an example : _2920! - number itself _2920. - starting with 2920 _1NXXNXX2920 - ending with 2920 I worry that _.2920 could not work but have no way to confirm or deny
  7. BTW: What is the cheapest pre-paid SIP/IAX provider that allow you to change CID ?
  8. I don't so explain me how it is phreaking related
  9. ask for Natas http://www.calleridspoofing.info/
  10. taking into consideration the amount of money that is spent on killing terrorists in Iraq or at least fuel for choppers is kinda funny that gov is not funding enough the agency who is trying to track down gangsters on their own playground weird country where a private company can interfere with goverment actions
  11. Try to restore MBR from backup and for future use some more advanced boot manager
  12. that was definately good one for a start and I'm going to email you for sure
  13. even if partitioned it is easy to resize partitions, create new ones and then install another OS using multi booting tools which are plenty of
  14. Right now my network setup looks like this CABLE_MODEM -> ROUTER -> CENTOS & OTHER_PC and I want it change to CABLE_MODEM -> CENTOS -> ROUTER -> OTHER_PC I have two NICs, the first one (WAN side) should be dhcp and the second one can provide static or dynamic address for the router Can you point me what tools should I use or what tutorial to look for ? I'm trying to use 'Routing and Gateways' under 'Webmin' but still no luck.
  15. I've tried this many times and does not work and I have no idea why. Port forwarding neither does work. When I dmz or port forward and for example connect to PUBLIC_IP:80 it connects me to my router (which isn't running anything on this port) instead of linux box. that's what I want to do, right now my linux box is 'PBX in a Flash' distro running CentOS 5 with iptables enabled and trying this tutorial http://ubuntulinuxhowto.blogspot.com/2006/...-be-router.html Yeah, I have DD-WRT v.24 running but I don't understand what you mean. Do you want me to connect two machines (router and centos) in the same time to the cable modem ? cable modem to centos and router to what ?
  16. question is not dumb but asking without using a search engine is very dumb, you can find for sure your answers very easily on this subforum just please do search
  17. 1.It is obvious 2.Patent officer admited taking a bribe 3.There was more of this story, AFAIR Bell was sued by Meucci and Bell was close to fail but Meucci died.
  18. I'm checking out different distros and still can't find the best one working without a fault on my laptop which is equipped with Intel 915 graphics and ntfs partition. I know that after some tuning up, downloading additional packages etc. etc. I might get everything working but my needs are so simple that I'd like to see a distro that will just run, detect&autoconfigure everything and work. I want to have (working out of the box) : - resolution 1280x768 - sound (which is usually muted under 'internal speaker' position) - wifi detecting&connecting app that works with WPA (wicd is fine) - read and write ntfs partition - adjusting lcd brigthness by hardware keys - network connection status in tray unfortunately I haven't found one that will cover everything above why debian based ? mostly because of the number of packages and fixes
  19. there is no problem with Windows as long as you are using the right card, all the details, presentation and software you can find here : http://lampiweb.com/ http://lampiweb.com/erw_estudio_de_redes_wireless.html http://lampiweb.com/foro/index.php/topic,1000.0.html
  20. http://www.ocregister.com/news/home-emami-...71-ellis-system
  21. 5 plead guilty to pranks that lured SWAT teams Years of fake calls drew authorities to homes of unsuspecting victims http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dw...ng.17234cc.html
  22. http://www.voip-news.com/feature/top-25-20...vations-121707/
  23. Alice Robertson (m. 1980, div.) - wife of Steve Wozniak