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  1. they offer international spoofing and money refund if number does not show up, I have to try this
  2. so what can you do with all those sniffed packets ? is it possible to recreate voice conversation ?
  3. does it mean you can sniff passphrase and access for instance mobile phone without pairing and browse the content ?
  4. a bunch of additional services (as an option) that modern switch is capable of but companies don't bother to offer
  5. I know one good one that can even do real time. I'll post a link asap I get my PC working again.
  6. I'm sick of it. Tons of lamers are thinking that changing F to PH makes them leet. Phreak is serious but these dumbs are using this word to describe everything that is freaking. For example this retard : Phreak Essence this is horse shit, no phreak, no essence just waste of time and word confuse We should say at loud everywhere, what phreaking is really about because more and more of low life creatures get online and post crap which results in having a society thinking that phreakers are just some dumb punks doing toll fraud. Go and search for phreak, you will see how much of that is in search results.
  7. not again !!! http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/07/07/jo...arvesting_hack/ give me their phone numbers and I would do cause some Havoc
  8. http://www.freeswitch.org/ How does FreeSWITCH compare to Asterisk? http://www.freeswitch.org/node/117
  9. I was investigating this matter some time ago and I can recommend Super Talent and Buffalo their top models are the fastest in benchmarks and reviews however there are also good drives manufactured by OCZ I'll post good benchmark when I find a bookmark
  10. have you seen my post ???
  11. I know for sure that there is Casio QuickDialer 50 Sharp EL-6230 and EL-6250H but this one is more databank with calc and tone dialer
  12. and what about that http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/OCZ/ATV_Turbo_4GB/3.html and that http://www.everythingusb.com/ocz_atv_turbo_4gb_13894.html boiling, frying, freezing etc. and it's so fast in read/write
  13. indeed what an irony "Welcome back ... The last time America was happy."
  14. scanning in more DPI would be better but anyway thank you
  15. camping anyone ?
  16. I don't see it better than FreePBX
  17. can you provide the rest of pages ?
  18. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,2293488,00.asp I remember how Draper described this technique long long time ago
  19. AFAIR you haven't done email reading, you wanted listeners to email you and submit content and when it happened it wasn't aired and now you are stating you can't figure out a content. I know other shows that do 'Listener Feedback' as a whole episode so it is some sort of a content you can come up with.
  20. yet another one http://www.tp2location.com/ however this one has Google Maps integrated so you finally might see where are you blueboxing to
  21. remember that
  22. phone line sounds like OSP not HAM radio
  23. that's wrong subforum and wrong approach it is way much easier and better just to record dmtf tones via recording interface, you can easily google how to record from phone line if you use even the cheapest mp3 player/recorder you will get a .wav file which you can transfer to computer and then run thru dtmf decoding software and get all you want
  24. and here is the difference between America and for example Europe here is Poland payphones operate on a regular phone lines with restrictions preventing you from beige boxing and calling premium rate numbers, 16kHz taxation signal applies on the line so payphone knows when to charge the credit from you shortly speaking if you borrow a payphone from a street and connect it at home it would work like a charm (as long as you will feed it with phonecards) however it would definately 'call home' so it's important to keep in mind