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  1. I gave my opinion about this movie in another topic. Maybe number is real but the screenplay sux ! I don't claim that fake numbers are in each film but this is pretty common. BTW: Why in the one of "Renegade" episodes this main moron needed a coin to call 911 from a payphone ? I'm a polish phreak, don't you remember ? I mentioned his wife but I'm not sure.
  2. Hi, I'm new at this forum but I am in phreaking for years. I live in Poland but want to learn more about US telecommunication and so I think this a best place. If you have any questions about Polish or European system I'll gladly answer, just email or call me. This post is just to say hello to everybody so there is no need to reply this topic. I'm still learning english so please take note of it and correct me whenever I make a mistake.
  3. Well it's not my point. I know what this word means and how someone could create it but I want you to guess where and by whom it was firstly used.
  4. neuro (Posted on Jan 3 2004, 07:53 AM) Yes, this is very good website. It is a pity that David no longer maintains this site. He is now playing with his second website http://www.bellsystemmemorial.com/ which you can find also very interesting. I recommend to order http://www.bellsystemmemorial.com/cds.html , I own these old 3 cds from Telephone Tribute and they are plenty of rare and very interesting info. I've also uploaded (some time ago) update to a timeline at Telephone Tribute so now it is much richer in knowledge of past times.
  5. Polish language is a beauty language but I must agree that it's not the easiest one. Our carols are translated even to Japanese so there is something in it. Yes they come from Poland and are very tasty, can be filled with special meat, cheese or fruits (it is not always sweet as you may think). I doubt if you can get good one in USA but ask someone who arrived from Poland, homemade are just the best. For your information, there is no perogies, it is called, written an spelled 'pierogi'. BTW: Big fucks go to Steve Koren, Steve Oedekerk and Mark O'Keefe for story & screenplay
  6. http://tinyurl.com/2762v What do you think about introducing such regulations like in Japan ?
  7. I am wondering how many of you (watching this serie) have noticed that in 21th episode of Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex a guy named Imakurusu is calling from payphone exactly such 050 VoIP number.
  8. Thanx guys, I do my best. BriskAttivo Yes this was/is biggest monopolist in PL but now everything is starting to change. TP is owned by France Telecom and there are some minor opearators with their own customers and payphones. TPSA have also stocks in on of the biggest polish GSM operator 'IDEA' Hmmm you probably didn't google enough, check this one http://www.tranexp.com:2000/InterTran it's weak but in terms of having nothing you make use of this instead. It's not just as you imagine, for more catch me on AIM or start a new topic. To everyone If you would like to entertaim yourself by learnig forein languages you can check this nice lexicon of telecommunication terms which I prepared especially for you. It's kinda old but not so bad. I scanned it from very good and very old (published in 1977) polish book about Pentaconta switch. http://aria.prv.pl/lexicon.jpg