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  1. how about Proximity Detection ? http://nerdvittles.com/index.php?p=185 all in all you can always donate, it's Christmas time very soon and I bet there are some kids who lost everything because of for instance tornado or floods
  2. I've visited 5ESS, EWSD and S12J during my school lessons however the best ever experience was to work on ARF102 which was hungarian partly electronic and covered the whole floor; I have been 'working' there for few weeks and the supervisor was super cool, I had many questions and he never stopped talking.
  3. Best mostly comes from HTC which offers gsm quad versions
  4. one of many ways (but IMHO the best in terms of possibilities) to do it is to launch pre-configured (or not) Asterisk distro like Elastix or PIAF and write simple AGI script in PHP or Perl
  5. I stick to Windows Mobile as it has variety of applications and tweaks available; including VoIP
  6. in Poland it is mostly a number ending with digits 99 and sometimes 98
  7. "shit" ???? what do you mean ? "to do something?" - what kind of something do you expect ? if you consider phreaking as an art of tricks and tips to get free calls or mess up with system then that's bollocks if not and you want to learn about phone systems then we are here to help; browse this subforum as I replied to similar topic some time ago
  8. well the situation in Europe is much different than on the other side of ocean; sure you can scan for american ANI and ANAC systems however it is way much funnier and better to look for something in your country; if you need CID only then there are a lot of voip systems
  9. I've just seen this movie at cinema and was surprised by small telephone accent http://www.woodstelephonepioneers.org/museum/
  10. I've just uploaded this on YT
  11. it's a pity I missed that is this occuring once a year ?
  12. I find it amusing http://pixelatedgeek.com/oldspice_vm/
  13. post these files in audio compatible format to have some replies
  14. This looks like a nice social project http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/04/02/pay.phones.irpt/ worth digging the links and content http://www.ireport.com/ir-topic-stories.jspa?topicId=412734
  15. I hope you all know who this guy is BTW: Martin is using Droid and Jitterbug
  16. I would go with VMplayer, Ubuntu portable/livecd and warvox or asterisk. You can download for example preconfigured asterisk distros with web gui.
  17. yeah, I was about to post it however the entry about free DIDs is from 2008
  18. It's always good to check the ultimate source of Voip knowledge http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/DID+Service+Providers
  19. I have a printed phonebook (10 years old) of my city that includes information if PBX is present. Golden source for phreaking.
  20. source : http://newsok.com/toll-free-calling-could-spread-across-oklahoma/article/3431693#ixzz0cbJpkHKw it would be great news in the era before VoIP; prices are so low now, Skype and etc. is so common that this would surely help but only those who are behind any technology or just rely on 'what's on the table at the moment'; I guess there will be great celebration in bumtown sure I'm happy because IMHO Meucci invented phone not to make some decent income but to be in contact with his very ill wife everyone shall have the right to speak freely over the distance and what would happen in Oklahoma is just returning to the initial point of normality
  21. I'm waiting for DR episode 13, which Doug had/has but didn't want to publish.
  22. unlucky : unless you provide some solid evidence I call you a liar OSP subforum is not for this kind of abuse, I vote for trashing this topic
  23. BTW: Don't double post just use 'edit' button.
  24. I heared 90 minutes not 9