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  1. You guys are actually using the Drive? There's an HDD in there and Evo-X got some nice FTP Server, so no need to play from DVD. I only use it for Movies...
  2. Debian!
  3. Having played around a little bit with PXELinux you are probably just able to type a certain set of commands due to permissions. Any other command will be responded with "Why"...
  4. Since I was on holiday in greece, too. Here my 2 pics of a payphone...
  5. Where's that house located? In your sig you posted something german (but with little grammar ). In Germany I can tell you lots of stuff for example how to listen to Internet over SAT traffic. Zapt
  6. Could you tell something more about what happend and what those docs are? I don't want to DL all of it...
  7. I just LUV this tracker: woops, seams to be offline. This Tracker ruled! Had some TBs of learning stuff including Videos and so on. Here are some other ones:
  8. If she was my girlfriend I would do that but she's not Anyways being back from my holidays in greece and turkey I rethinking all this. I might as well leave it as it is.
  9. Yes, you are right but since it's not my girlfriend and she only uses it very rarely I don't give a ... Hmm too bad that she has to stuck with Windows 95. Since I am not used to surfing the net with 95, is there anything you guys recommend in terms of security? At least some?
  10. Hi guys, my girlfriends sister still lives with her parents and is using Win95... Ok she's got an old Pentium with 16 Megs of RAM. Since this is not very much I'm asking you guys. What's the best Distro for this old piece. The only thing she wants to do is: Write Word Docs (could be done with OpenOffice) and Excel sheets, surf the net via WLan and that's it. Since the surfing the net part is new I don't want to let her surf with that old Win95. Suggestions?
  11. I will do that tomorrow! I'm 6+ hours ahead of you guys
  12. usually theres seats to a phone... and you could go to the back of the plane to an empty seat to place the call If the plane's not overbooked...
  13. No listen. I did flash another firmware just to play with it. Now I flashed the "old" FONero Firmware back and I want to increase the potential of this router! I don't want to change anything I want to add packages! That's all I want to do, so please help me find a SSH Brute Forcer. I don't know of a firmware's source since FON has done some changes with it...
  14. Hi! Maybe you've heard of the Fon Project (click). I received their router a few days ago. It is a Buffalo Airstation 54g. Neat Router but... They are running a custom firmware which is based on OpenWrt and since I like this project I would like to add packages to this router. Good thing is: I already figured out how to flash another firmware on it since they didn't make it possible to flash the standard OpenWrt Firmware through the Administrative Console... (Anybody who wants to play with it: tftp -i put openwrt-brcm-2.4-squashfs.trx) Ok now my question. I noticed that they installed a ssh server on the router but the user/pw is not admin/admin like on the Administrative Console. To make a long story short: >> Does anybody have a bruteforce SSH Tool? Thanks in Advance And BTW: I am just interested in getting additional packages on the b*tch and I like the FON project.
  15. Hmm one thing I thought of is that since it's only this magnetic card reader you can try using a fake card with a phony cc number. But since you are registered with that seat where the phone is located... Wouldn't try...