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  1. That's pretty much the jist of it. Both Adobe and Microsoft practically give away all their software to students. In the case of Microsoft they actually do give away Windows for free, if you take one of the courses like CompTia or any of the Microsoft specific courses you get the professional edition of the two latest Windows release completely free as a download, or 25$ to order the disc.
  2. The display is properly working now. Thank you both ice and spyril as it was a combination of problems that you both provided solutions for. I had to do the bios patch as well as replace occurrences of the 1024x780 resolution with the proper 1200x800 resolution in the xorg, videobios, and boot.local. I tried each of them individually and the problem was not solved, but after trying all three of them together it was resolved for anyone that may have the same issue.
  3. I have 'vesa' listed in xorg. Someone on the Ubuntu forums was having problems with the same video card and they replaced vesa with i810 and it fixed their problem, but I don't want to change it unless I have to. And yes, it seems everyone with this graphics card has problems, but none of their solutions work for me lol. I have read over the BIOS link you provided and I am going to try that later on tonight, I will post tomorrow whether it worked or not. Thank you very much.
  4. Edit: The problem came back after installing the sound card drivers as I needed to update the kernel. I took your advice of moving the task bar and when it's moved down it resizes to the screen. As of right now the only thing that is effected seems to be the login screen as it's stuck in the smaller resolution, but that's alright. If it helps when X is loading and the screen flashes to the GUI it displays ^26 across the entire top half of the screen before the GUI is loaded. I'm not going to mess with it on my own as I don't want to screw it up again, but if you know where I can find the proper drivers for the Intel 945GM card I'd appreciate it as I can't find them. Edit 2: The programs started displaying at the 1200x780 resolution again, but simply moving them outside the invisible line fixes it. Ice, thank you for the reply. I completely forgot to mention that my laptop has the Intel 945GM graphics card. The NVIDIA one click install is how I messed up last time and couldn't figure out how to fix X. I'm having trouble finding the driver for the Intel 945GM card as Intel no longer has it for download, and I don't think I need to say I'm not exactly ready to compile/configure/install anything from source. Thanks for the links, the Opensuse Howtos are great, they've helped me get everything running properly except the video card >.>
  5. I don't know what the problem was, other than it happening in a kernel update, but editing the x config didn't work and I already had the 915resolution installed it said. I ran out of ideas when I was looking at it last night and I turned desktop effects on and then it was fixed. But then the desktop effects were messed up probably because I hadn't installed the right video driver, so I tried to fix it and installed the wrong drivers. I broke X and couldn't fix it so I did a reinstall and this time turned updates off. If anyone knows a workaround for the problem other than turning on the desktop effects it will still help as then I can install the updates.
  6. The gnome interface is stuck in a smaller resolution than the monitor. I'm not exactly sure how to explain it so I took a screen shot. I checked the graphics card and monitor, the resolution is stuck at 1200x780 without the option for 1200x800 or any other options. I tried restarting the computer after the updates installed. Edit: If I boot into Failsafe mode and startx from there it works fine as root, but as soon as I switch back to normal it is messed up again.
  7. I had no idea a water meter or doorbell could interfere with sync issues, that's pretty cool. The issue did turn out to be the data card, ATT told me I was sharing the same card with too many people, as the technician suspected, and they replaced it. It seems to be working fine now. I'm going to do research on the doorbell and water meter thing as that's pretty amazing to me lol
  8. How can I tell if I'm having sync issues with my DSL connection? I'm concerned with the modem properly syncing with the central office that has the line running to my house. A technician was here the other day after we had a horrible thunderstorm which completely knocked out our internet, but all they did was replace the carbon caps on the line coming in. I suspect sync issues since the connection is not stable in terms of both speed when it's online and maintaining a constant uptime. Right now it seems to be fine, but throughout the day since the storm hit the connection will drop frequently. Any advice would be helpful, I want to be sure I know what the problem is before calling them back because they may charge a fee if I have them change my data card at the central office. My DSL provider is ATT, the technician verified that everything on our end is working properly. (they checked the lines in the house) I know the router and modem are configured properly. When the internet is down the network still functions so there isn't an issue with the computers communicating to one another via the router. The sync light on the modem does flash red when the issues occur which is why I believe there's an issue that may cause trouble consistently if it's not fixed. If any other information will be helpful just ask, that's all I can think of that's relevant.
  9. I'm trying to find a replacement LCD for a Gateway solo 2150; part number of the laptop is 3500593. I have been able to find more than a few places that sell the screen I need, the problem is that either it's way over priced or they don't accept paypal. I can't remember the name of a place I found, but they had the screen for 50 dollars, problem was that they don't accept paypal. If anyone knows of a place where I can find the screen cheap and accepts paypal I'd appreciate it. (I'm holding off on checking e-bay until I've exhausted all other options.)
  10. You can try calling Compaq and requesting a DVD, but they may charge you 20 dollars. I know this isn't what you asked for, but likely downloading the disc will be illegal.
  11. A while back when I bought my laptop with Vista installed on it I made a post about Samba not working with it. The problem turned out to be that Samba wasn't compatible with the new networking software in Vista. I was checking for any updates a few days ago and I came across two different fixes. The first was if the Vista version was Business or Ultimate to run the secpol.msc tool, since I'm running Premium that won't work. The same forum, Microsoft forum, stated that changing the LMCompatibility level entry in the registry from 3 to 1 should fix the problem. It had no effect. The computer running Linux is using Fedora Core 7, it works fine with the other Windows XP computers in the house. The laptop is running Vista Premium and also works with the XP work group. Right now my only option is to transfer the files to a 3rd computer than back to either the Vista or Fedora machine as needed. I was just wondering if anyone else has a different solution that may be able to help.
  12. Sweet, just ordered one. I only hope you don't run out waiting a month seems like torture
  13. This site wasn't designed for advising people on how to spy on their girlfriends when their studying over seas. It was designed for people to get together and share ideas, help those who need help with legitimate problems, and to establish a general wealth of knowledge that is accessible to everyone. If you want to understand how remote connections work fine, but your question quite simply was one of the "how do i hack my girlfriends hotmail" questions.
  14. I'm running Fedora Core 7 on my laptop and have been able to get everything set up the way I like it. The only problem I'm having is that the mp3 format is no longer supported. Installing the mp3 plug-ins doesn't fix the problem, Fedora Core 7 removes the codec and displays a patent conflict message on why they can not allow mp3 formats to be used. So I was wondering if their was a way to save the BinRev episodes in ogg format? Edit: as soon as i made this post my amarok install finished and it plays the mp3 files. but i would still like to know if their was a way to save the radio episodes as flac or ogg so that i don't have to violate any possible patent issues, but it looks like the patent laws being enforced don't apply to home users.
  15. I for one am excited at the idea of AI. Imagine the possibilities. Ignoring the negative sci-fi stereotypes associated with AI, I strongly believe that machines reaching the intelligence levels of humans will cause the human race to evolve to the next level. As machines evolve into conscious beings capable of learning and expanding their knowledge base they will be able to contribute to society in ways that benefit humanity as a whole. On the human side of the equation, in order to preserve our existence and avoid obsolescence we too will become more advanced in ways of thought. I basically picture AI and human intelligence as coinciding intelligences with two unique perspectives on knowledge. Machines will always have the pure computational power to analyze the raw data, and most likely will forever be limited to performing mathematical equations to their "thinking". While humans are flawed in the area of exactness, we have logical reasoning and creative thinking to expand the horizon. I would love to be alive when the day comes that we employ machines to do the mundane and dangerous tasks instead of humans. For the skeptical, refer to the adage "Master technology or technology will master you". So long as we as a race are able to further develop and contribute knowledge we will never be replaced by machines as a whole. While I believe their are certain professions that humans should be replaced by machines exist their will always be room for the human perspective and contribution. I think all medical fields should have machines taking the place of humans, this would benefit society greatly for two reasons. One, the error level would be reduced to near non existent, and two the cost would become nothing more than the supplies needed giving everyone the benefit of having the greatest level of care at minimal cost. I also believe all labor jobs should be taken by machines: if we're going to outsource them anyway might as well reduce the cost to zero. This would allow us as a species to further evolve our intellect. Anyway I don't feel like going much further into my beliefs on the synergy of AI and human intelligence. Edit: i like techno