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  1. that was 1337. nice collection
  2. good job dude. ill use some of those music for my mobile phone i have a cisco voice mail you can pm me for the details.
  3. can u share the music that u extracted?
  4. i saw some torrent of Cisco Call Manager 5.1.1 does that include the music on hold ?
  5. yeah great idea, im also looking for their sounds id like to use it as my cellphone ringtone. i tried to record it from my phone but the quality is not good. . If you tell me the number I could probably get you a perfect digital recording. You aren't looking for the 24CTU ringtone by any chance? I did get ahold of a CCM DVD and its a bootable REHL 3 disc. Biggest file is 1.1GB approx and its the .tar.gz.sgn file which you normally feed to the machine to upgrade itself... I'm trying to figure out if I can extract it somehow. unfortunately im from the philippines, but if you still want me to give the number ill pm you later.
  6. yeah great idea, im also looking for their sounds id like to use it as my cellphone ringtone. i tried to record it from my phone but the quality is not good.
  7. lol nice story
  8. im using deepfreeze if something infect me i just need to reboot. but before im using bitdefender
  9. i used a software to check the connection of my modem to the com ports. and it also has a manual option to check its com ports if its open or not. Checking Com5... Invalid port number. Checking Com4... Invalid port number. Checking Com3... Invalid port number. Checking Com2... Checking Com1... Sorry. Can't Find A Modem! ill bring the modem to a retailer to check if the modem is still working.
  10. i try to do that thing but there are no generic modem on the list, its just empty idk why. so i tried to add modem and use the driver still not working but dont worry ill do my best, i will try beeve suggestion from the previous post ty.
  11. well actually i dont know if im on the right direction. i bought an old hayes optima 336 v.34 +fax + voice external pn:08-02688 for a very cheap price (2$ in your currency) im trying to play around with the modem but my pc cant detect the modem. i have win xp sp2 i dont know if i plugged the modem correctly, the modem has a rs232 (9pins) and i connect it to the serial port with a sign of (com 1) ill try to upload com pic later. and i already install the driver but still cant detect the modem, when i try to install the smartcom software, the installation has a problem. is smartcom the reason why does my pc cant detect the modem or i just plug it on a wrong port. btw im planning to buy a usb to parallel cable. ps: Smartcomâ„¢ Message Center LE 1996 Hayes Microcomputer Products Inc. Ver 2.0G 96-00601 lol sorry for the bad english
  12. im looking for smartcom message center LE i need it for my old modem, my diskette installer seems to be broken. i tried google and cant find the software. any one willing to help? ill appreciate alot thanks.
  13. yeah the timing was perfect haha its almost unnoticeable cool.
  14. too bad it has only limited 3way calling... which is the most important features that i wanted. are they planning to make the 3way calling originate from 1 caller?
  15. can i use magicjack outside the united states?