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  1. This would come in handy in testing some of my sites... if only it worked. Win XP Pro SP2: The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application. Tried on two comps.
  2. Yes. Don't know why you'd want this though.
  3. Googling for "*router brand* password reset" or "*router model* password reset" usually works too.
  4. Doesn't always work. On my one Belkin router, you need to unplug the power adapter, hold reset for like 10 seconds, then plug the power back in while still holding reset, and about a minute later you can let go of reset.
  5. Frickin awesome pics!
  6. I have no problems looking at the forums in Safari on my 1.24ghz PPC Mac mini. What version of OSX are you running?
  7. OK, im a n00bie to password cracking, not going farther than the SAM file. Can anyone explain to me what exactly a passwordSalt does? and how to go about (trying to) crack it?
  8. I don't know man, I and many others can vouch that school + illegal activities = bad. the illegal activity being getting the payphone to dump coins (if it works)
  9. IIRC the Green Box never worked. However I could be TOTALLY wrong.
  10. Pretty cool. If this grows ALOT, it could be VERY COOL.
  11. I had a slightly similar thing happen to me, I got busted by my school for "hosting a proxy" HOWEVER, i retain the right to run a proxy on my own webserver, if anything I (and a bunch of other people) should've gotten busted for USING the proxy. I never said anything because I didn't want the problem to escalate.
  12. Hot damn this is cool.
  13. you also just PMed me assuming I was "pj" and was tracing you to all the forums you go to.
  14. LOL
  15. I tried the *#06# on a Razr V3, it works! Another thing to add to the list is *#9999# on Moto phones, it brings up "Other Information". S/W Ver, Flex ver, H/W ver. One thing though, for those other 2 codes, how do I enter []? IIRC some of my parents' old phones were Nokias, I should dig those out and try some of the codes.