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  1. haxored Enigma's server

  2. so basically, you're automating the Lazy-Writer technique of writing things in layman English then right-clicking and replacing the word by a fancier synonym from the thesaurus... right? Well, that's a worthy cause... what do you need help in? P.S. careful not to fall into the "frugal me, frugal me!" trap though
  3. I can help if you want, this sounds interesting, but what exactly is the project (other than the observation), are you testing some kind of neural network models? Ciao PlexiE
  4. Is anyone holding meetings in the 323/213 area? If not, anyone interested in starting something? - Ciao
  5. Heyz, Anyone worked with google earth on an ActiveX plugin on IE..? my problem is: I want to load a kml file which is getting dynamically generated (and read through a url) onto my ActiveX plugin in an IE window. If I put the url that contains the file, it opens the content of kml file (like text) in IE. I am trying to open it in the ActiveX browser. tried a couple of ways, one option was to immitate the googleearthairlines examples, but I can't find their kml file.. Anyone knows of a function I can use.. or at least a keyword that would help if I google it(been doing that for a while, ran out of things to try..) Any reply would be really appreciated! thanks! plexi
  6. Thanks everyone for your help I am on broadband but I'm in a semi isolated city right now, none of the computer hardware stores in this city have routers or access points and won't get shipments for at least another month... is there another way? How do I make a router out of an old computer? I have a couple of those lying around...
  7. Hey ya'all.. I'm plexi
  8. just to add: I have broadband (PPPOE) and basically I want to have internet on two computers at the same time (as in, have both laptops online at the same time throught internet sharing).. umm.. thank you Ciao plexi
  9. Hello all, I'm relatively new to this.. so please tolerate my ignorance Purpose: I'm trying to share my internet connection on two computers. by connecting one of them directly to the internet, and getting the second one to connect through the first one Machines: A desktop with two network cards Two identical laptops each with one network card and WiFi OS: all on Windows XP What I did is: 1. I connected: One laptop with the desktop using a cable, and they saw each other 2. I allowed (ticked the check box) "other computers to access internet through my desktop 3. I connected my desktop to the internet The two computers saw each other, but I couldn't connect to the internet from my laptop. In another attempt: 1. I connected one of the laptops to the internet 2. I set up a wireless network between the two laptops 3. I bridged the two connections Which also didn't work I guess I'm either missing something or I'm doing something wrong.. Anyone know of a fool proof method to do this? Thanks ya'all Best plexi