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  1. and just for me, im going to fucknut this...well.... fucknut
  2. i edited his post for his own sake, he may have children some day and i'd hate for them to find this page on archive or something and get a complex when they find out that daddy is a fucking retard
  3. i'll agree with you on this one... especially since im about to port solitaire
  4. i like my dell x3i, but they make some pretty cool linux ones as well
  5. dual just pointed out to me that decoder gave me the shoutz at the end of his arty... so that seals it, we are all in there. with decoder's shouts, most of us got up in that beeatch
  6. muhahahahahahahah /me goes to give him "script kiddie" ad infinitum nah, the inspiration has not struck to give out a custom title tonight....yet.
  7. lol oh yeah i suppose i am
  8. well, your masonic avatar obviously means you are part of the trilateral comission.... brother.
  9. sweet baby james... like EVERYBODY, except me and dual, are in this one stankdawg, screamer, lucky225,decoder,xlogicx gets a shout in the letters section, lucky225 gets a shout in the letters section. gratz all
  10. just the frontpage 2003 ad yup, i swear we need to make a boner page for wal mart and microsoft. between them lies 99.999999999999999999999999999% of the worlds power and money. FWIW the other .00000000000000000000000001 of the worlds power and money is at starbucks
  11. i believe the command you are looking for is hostname type that as root and it should let you configure it
  12. good lord man. i just went to that page and it was just.... creepy.
  13. no shit?!?!?!?!?!? you're haitian?!?!?!?!?!?! dude, can i have an autograph??? as for ntheory, the only other samoan i know of is antoine zamora. you know, we call him "tony rocky horror."
  14. ill bet you 100k of text that it is username: admin with no password
  15. nononono dude the error is IN THE ACTUAL AD. not the page that surrounds it in one of the panels of the animated gif that is the ad itself.
  16. a....are you.. i don't know how to ask... are you uhhhh errr you know are uhhh you ummm whew are you haitian by any chance???? ...cause that would rock
  17. alright alright alright that about wraps this thread up... and yes, that whole "gay" thing was by far the most ironic thing i have heard in at least a week. ------------------thread closed-------------------------------
  18. nah, they have d3ll to make all the hardware for them. Nah, im only half-serious about that. as an owner of 3 dells: desktop, laptop, PDA, They make good boxen for reasonable prices. They used to not outsource all the tech support to india, and it was cool because i could actually understand them. Apart from that, dell rocks the hardware IMHO. since we cant yet roll our own lappys and PDA's, and i needed a "Payment-plan" type of situation for this desktop when i bought it, dell has done me right. /me looks around sorry y'all im on codiene cough-syrup and fscked up good... feel free to get back on topic
  19. lol i did something similar with apt-get once it was pretty funny
  20. thats a good idea there... /me runs off to make a pinned topic /me comes back to close this thread
  21. j00 got it. as soon as i get it and get it read ill get in touch with you for your info
  22. basically, yes they are all the same in end functionality. what distro you use is more a matter of preference of little things. If you want to use linux, use linux. In the end, and i know everyone knows this, linux is linux no matter what label you put on it. EDIT:: almost forgot... screw PETA
  23. *yawn* ho hum another distro cockfight ill tell you a little secret.. <spoiler space> THEY ARE ALL THE SAME GET OVER IT..........................
  24. i really want to weigh in on this, but unfortunately i dont know enough to make any reasonable opinions. Ill do more reading and get back to this thread.
  25. nope... stay t00ned, 99 will be out sometime soon, and it is a VERY special ep... you dont want to wast bandwidth on anything else when you could be wgetting 99