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  1. as i was looking to make my gentoo laptop a portable audio juggernaut, i found a very compelling article that i think y'all might like to read sound on sound
  2. well, you're using 2 REALLY big words, "impossible" and "hack." Hotmail is a very big system, and that means more room for error. It all depends on what you would consider qualifies as "hacked." If i got someone's account password, if i was able to make my account have unlimited storage space, or if i rooted the box it's sitting on and gave myself full privs over all of the scripts that is hotmail, Its all hacking.
  3. i am using an orinoco silver. It has an external antenna jack
  4. "for some reason, everywhere i look something reminds me of her" Frank Dreben - Naked Gun
  5. well, i installed gentoo. I LOVE IT. It is truly everything a slack user wants in a distro. Props to VooduHal, Elimist, Surye, Sl|pm0de, and everyone else who helped me along the way. I am having 3 problems that i hope some of you can help me out with. 1. In X, my 'bland' user can not type anything into a terminal. I have gnome-terminal, it opens, but i don't get any sort of prompt or anything. I can use my vterms, and all other progs (including this very firefox session) accept keyboard input, so i know it has to be something to do with bland's profile. I just cant figure out what it is. If someone could help me out on this one, that would rule. 2. On boot, i get a semi-error telling me that i need to use DEVFS. It goes through and everything works, I just want to know what DEVFS is, and how to enable it to get rid of that error message. 3. When i log in as bland, and type "startx" it errors out telling me that i dont have enough tty's. But when i su- and type "gdm" everything works. thanks yall.
  6. ok everyone, i did my rc-update xdm default and all, so now i have that SWEET default gentoo gdm theme. I was having a problem with flux not wanting to set my background for me, but i hacked up my apps file and stuck it in there. all is well, including my nvidia drivers (with splashscreen). Speaking of splashscreen, now that my filesystem is correct, im going to emerge splashscreen and see if i can get some virtual terminal backgrounds going.
  7. ok guys, thanks for all the help. I recompiled with DEVFS and sure as the world, all systems are normal. It's great. im still having the fluxbox prob, but ill get it sorted. Im pretty sure that it has to do with how im starting it. thanks again (go gentoo)
  8. let me preface this by saying that i don't know much about phones, and should probably not be posting any opinions here in the midst of some of the "1337ist" phreaks on the internet. So if what im about to say is retarded, just set me straight. I wouldn't think that someone being on a dial-up internet connection would be the same as someone talking on the same line. I would think that when you dial into your ISP, all the data you send and receive would be different than a plain old phone call. Again, i don't know much about phones, but I just feel that being on a dialup connection for 24 hours would be a little different than me calling time and temp, and leaving the phone off the hook for 24 hours.
  9. what you're looking for is Damn Small Linux. 50mb of HDD space for a full-install, Fluxbox only, and all the essential tools. It's based on knoppix, so its like a 3rd generation inbred debian. I say that to tell you that sometimes if you apt-get stuff, it will crap out.
  10. NICE man, thanks. I went "t-hunting" the other night, and i came up with some of these. Most, however i don't have. you rock.
  11. you know man, i tried enlightenment for about 4 seconds with my current setup. It was the only GUI environment available with EvilEntity, and since i was even more of a n00b then than i am now, i didnt like it, and changed distro. There were some things i really liked about it. (i have the luxury of a butt-kicking box) It is possible to make enlightenment look really REALLY good if you are willing to give it up in the system resource department, and i am. The main problem i had with enlightenment was that it was an act of congress to edit your menu. I would give E another try if i could get all the programs i want in the menu.
  12. lmso, logan.
  13. that is awesome *sniff*
  14. moved to general hacking
  15. /me goes to grab a bannana
  16. i will be following this thread VERY closely
  17. flux
  18. lol. congrats. you're almost an old-hat linux user. Now all you need to run into is a circular dependency and you'll be all set.
  19. (still drunk still awake) its all the same more or less. I guess now if i were a beginner, id go with mandrake, becuae they still give out the support.
  20. bland@kedavra:~$ lsmod Module Size Used by snd_mixer_oss 17568 - snd 48420 - nvidia 2071976 - orinoco_cs 6952 - ds 10816 - yenta_socket 14112 - pcmcia_core 60640 - i810_audio 32432 - ac97_codec 16800 - bland@kedavra:~$ that is my lsmod. The memorex thumbdrive that i have did not require any sort of driver, all it needed was its own addition in /etc/fstab bland@kedavra:~$ cat /etc/fstab /dev/hda1 swap swap defaults 0 0 /dev/hda2 / ext3 defaults 1 1 /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom iso9660 noauto,users,ro 0 0 /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy auto noauto,users 0 0 devpts /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=620 0 0 proc /proc proc defaults 0 0 /dev/sda1 /mnt/thumb vfat user,umask=0 0 0 bland@kedavra:~$ that is a cat of my /etc/fstab hope that helps man (IM PISS DRUNK... if that didnt help. dont mind me)
  21. before you try to install anything, open up the terminal, type su - , and then type your root password. when it shows you that you are root, type updatedb and wait. When i did a fresh install of slackware 9.1 i had some dep problems when i tried to install some prog. i ran updatedb, and all was well with the world. (i am drunk... i am on vacation... if this is post is for sucks i am sorry)
  22. 404
  23. here's a bash script that will attempt to compress files using all available methods, and then report back to you with the best method. THIS CODE IS WRITTEN BY DAVE TAYLOR #!/bin/sh# bestcompress - given a file, try compressing it with all the available# compression tools and keep the compressed file that's smallest, reporting # the result to the user. If '-a' isn't specified, it skips compressed# files in the input stream.Z="compress"gz="gzip" bz="bzip2"Zout="/tmp/bestcompress.$$.Z"gzout="/tmp/bestcompress.$$.gz"bzout="/tmp/bestcompress.$$.bz"skipcompressed=1if [ "$1" = "-a" ]; then skipcompressed=0 ; shiftfiif [ $# -eq 0 ]; then echo "Usage: $0 [-a] file or files to optimally compress" >&2; exit 1fitrap "/bin/rm -f $Zout $gzout $bzout" EXITfor name do if [ ! -f "$name" ]; then echo "$0: file $name not found. Skipped." >&2 continue fi if [ "$(echo $name | egrep '(\.Z$|\.gz$|\.bz2$)')" != "" ]; then if [ $skipcompressed -eq 1 ]; then echo "Skipped file ${name}: it's already compressed." continue else echo "Warning: Trying to double-compress $name" fi fi $Z < "$name" > $Zout & $gz < "$name" > $gzout & $bz < "$name" > $bzout & wait # run compressions in parallel for speed. Wait until all are done smallest="$(ls -l "$name" $Zout $gzout $bzout | \ awk '{print $5"="NR}' | sort -n | cut -d= -f2 | head -1)" case "$smallest" in 1 ) echo "No space savings by compressing $name. Left as-is." ;; 2 ) echo Best compression is with compress. File renamed ${name}.Z mv $Zout "${name}.Z"; rm -f "$name" ;; 3 ) echo Best compression is with gzip. File renamed ${name}.gz mv $gzout "${name}.gz"; rm -f "$name" ;; 4 ) echo Best compression is with bzip2. File renamed ${name}.bz2 mv $bzout "${name}.bz2"; rm -f "$name" esacdoneexit 0
  24. again, i am a trigger-happy tool. but again, PLEASE post that the software is available for free from the people who made it. that way things like this don't happen
  25. i guess is did... actually the command i use to mount a CD is 'mountcd' (bash scripting at its finest). the same way with 'unmountcd' 'mountusb' 'unmountusb' and so on.