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  1. Long story short, Tonight, the wife brings me home an early christmas present: a whip-ass laptop. It came with XP pro, but I figured I would use the new computer as my excuse to delve into the world of Linux. I love the idea of an OS that doesn't fear its users. Here's my problem. I don't know the first thing about anything *nix. I just need a nudge in the right direction about what distro to get. Frankly, I'll be happy if I can find a flavor that won't hassle me about my hardware. So, if anyone can tell me where to look to find a stable version of linux, or even to help narrow the search from the 6.02x10 to the 23rd distros out there, i would greatly appreciate it
  2. at least they make the encription designation. What's gonna really blow is when they make even obfuscation illegal. "your honor, this man called himself bland_inquisitor, therefore hiding his true identity. 10yrs, no :ky: " It just sounds to me like they're trying to make protecting your privacy illegal. I mean, how far is that from saying that a spoofed IP is obstruction of justice or evasion because you tried to hide? would your ISP be guilty of harboring a fugitive? where does it stop........that's what scares me
  3. that page rox, it may replace google as my new start page.
  4. i don't want to insult you or anything, but make sure you have the line in port on your volume control turned up at least half way, and make sure that you crank the volume on your output device as far as it will go without clipping. Also in your sound card properties, make sure that your have "stereo quality" selected. On most cards, the default is telephone quality, and it sux. If you don't have luck with the line in, you can plug the jack into the microphone port on your SC. That's the way I record my acoustic instruments. In your audio software, pump up the system allocation, and increase the buffer size. The best homebrewed way to go from your stereo to your computer is from the headphone jack into the comp with a standard "guitar cable" with 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapters so that the cord will fit in your HPJ and your sound card. It doesn't matter what system you use to play your tape, although going with the higher-watted system will give you the ability to increase the volume of your stream without clipping or overmodulating.
  5. ok. a .wav file is about 1 mb for every 10 seconds of audio. I think the reason your wav is choppy is because a gig of audio is alot to ask of any system. trying to pre-cache that much raw data is going to give your box a hernia. try splitting your wav into more processor-friendly chunks and see if the quality is a little closer to what you want. Failng that, just convert the whole thing into mp3, that should reduce the size dramaticaly, and also the strain on your computer. If the conversion makes the quality better, it would be the size reduction's effect on the file. Also, there are good ways and bad ways to transfer a tape to your comp. The worst way is to hold a shitty mic up to the speaker on your boombox. The best way is to run an audio cable out of your stereo and into the line in jack on your soundcard.
  6. OK, so bland likes to drop the "F-Bomb" on occasion, but only for effect. In my honeypot article in the new 2600, they took the liberty of cutting out a tasteful "fucking." It's cool, hey at least they were nice enough to print it in the first place. I don't want to be a child about it, so if you want to get the "uncensored" version, look in the forums for where i posted it, fucking and all . edit better yet get it from the articles page, i cant find it in the forums /edit
  7. i was thinking real hard about the version that i sent 2600, and they made more than one change to my article, changes that I would not have made. 1. they deleted my F-word after talking about "in all likelyhood the corporations would roll right fucking over us again." 2. In the Not Practical section, they changed my original "It is almost unheard of that a honeypot traps someone of truly elite status, because it is designed to keep the kidies at bay to allow the admin to do personal battle with the samurai." To this: It is almost unheard of that a honeypot traps someone with real skill because it is designed to keep the kiddies at bay." 3. In the next paragraph, they shortened "in the digital arms race that is crackers vs. admins..." to "in the digital arms race..." OK, having said that, I do like most of the changes. I am NOT God's gift to the text community. The 2600 staff are the professionals here, not me. Actually, after reading their version, I'm grateful for them saving me the e-mail displeasure of people saying "samauri? WTF kind of 1992 language is that?" I will take their changes as "constructive criticism." I'm going to file that as advice from professionals that have been in the business for nearly 20 years, and I have everything to learn. The only problem i have with any of the changes is that they ommitted my fucking f-word. I think that saying (the MPAA) rolled right fucking over us is a true statement. The effect was kind of tarnished by plainly stating that they rolled over us. Also, this was written the same night that 3q02 came out, and I had been back in the community for all of 16 hours when i sent this thing in. My references to "Elites" and "samauri" may have been a little obtuse, or at the very least outdated, and I'm trying to make my files cleaner, with more fact and less preaching. I think I have come a long way since I wrote that, and won't stop learning 'till they throw me in a box and plant me.
  8. fukk yeah, send mutt up in there and see what's up
  9. i have to admit i have a major soft spot in my heart for virus/worm coders. that has always amaxed me that someone could write a program that is so small, yet so loaded with features. To me virii coding is some l33t shit. maybe it would be different if i could do it, but i'd like to think there would still be some romantic notion attached to releasing wildlife into this digital ecosystem we've created. as for who to blame for the worm exploiting an old and well known vulnerability, it's easy. blame the corporation that will not admit their code can have holes. blame the corporation that would rather see you the valued customer suffer than to learn. blame the corporation that will take your money and instead of patching their product, will leave it open until the "upgrade" comes out, so they can use fear of the exploit to keep you coming ack to them and buying the new and shiny versions they releae. hell, they might even leave shit open on purpose because selling upgrades thru fear is a proven business model. our government has been doing it since 1941. sorry, i haven't ranted in a while, had to get that out
  10. this is an email i just got from verizon DSL services
  11. Hell yeah, we should give massive props to the writers who "get it." I think it is as important as writing a congressman because we are all on the trial of the media everyday and are for the most part poorly represented. Sending people who portray us as decent people in the mass media words of encouragement could go a long way toward creating an accurate picture of what we are all about. Maybe then we could effect some sort of change in people who would write us off as criminals. I'm not looking for international "hug a h4x0r" day, but it would be good for the masses to recognize that the stands we take on subjects like the DMCA are trying to protect the rights of everyone, average joe included; and would make the jobs of the oppressors harder if they had to face an entire populus of informed individuals as opposed to the giant herd they now control. And if there are writers in the media that are trying to help us, we should make every effort to show our appreciation.
  12. yeah, they are kind of hit and miss sometimes because they rely on a standard. It is audio production 101 to only mix your vocal track evenly in both channels. The instruments get less than equal biling in the mix, which will give you a deeper mix because the vocals are coming out of both channels and the instruments are mixed unequally to sound more "live." What the vocal remover software does is to search the song for an equally mixed track, and replace it with silence. Some bands and music producers don't hold with the mixing standards for artistic or other reasons, so the best way to check a song to see if it will work properly is to mute your speakers alternately and see if the vocals still sound OK. The best example I can think of is "Possum Kingdom" by the toadies. If you listen to the left channel, you get an echo effect, and on the right channel you get the words, but they sound behind tempo because they need the echo effect to sound right.
  13. There is an activeX plugin for cakewalk pro audio that will let you remove the voice track from an mp3. I have used it be4 and it works. The second way you could do it would be to take the song in an audio editor and just find a couple of bars that dont have vocals over them and copy/paste them for as long as you need. If you need me to karaoke-ize some tracks for you just tell me what you need.
  14. Im going to take robert morris on this one. Writing a worm that had such a profound effect on the way we all look at computer security. He loses a few points because he released it by accident
  15. Hey Everybody, I'm proud to say that after 3 rounds of massive ISO's, I have managed to make linux work on my laptop. My video card was not supported when i got this box, and every distro i tried went fux0r when X started. So this morning, I got Red Hat 8.0, installed it, SUCCESS!!! everything was kool and the gang. So I went to nvidia's site and dl'd the linux driver and kernel patch for my card, installed it and................FUX0R. So I reformatted and reinstalled RH8, it's working like a champ, and so I said hey, default drivers are fine by me. Thanks again for all the advice
  16. I think about that kind of thing sometimes too. It's like that scene between Zorg and the priest in "the fifth element"
  17. kleptic: I read an article about that sort of thing in 94 or 95, it sounds exactly like the one you mentioned, right down to the masking tape. There is one line from the txt that still sticks in my mind, it's something like "so make the masking tape about 12 inches long, roughly the length of my cock, so once you have my cock on the end of your dollar..." was that you? and if so, it was a really good file.
  18. yes, a happy 2k3 to all from bland the drunken hacker. be safe, be happy, wear protection, and you can use old motor oil to fertilize your lawn
  19. i would just like to say that I will sleep more soundly tonight knowing that if the anonomous "they" try to put carnivore or some shit on my box, Rabid SheepDawg's going to be up their ass with broken glass in about .69 nanoseconds. I dont need a gun, I have a SheepDawg
  20. now you've just got to be fukkin kidding me. Didn't any of those ppl crack open the two towers book and check the publication date? As a matter of fact, I don't think that the "Twin Towers" in NYC were even constructed when "The Two Towers" was published. fukking people :grr: EDIT: Just to get the facts straight. The Book that became "The Two Towers was first published in London in 1954. The Twin towers were constructed in 1972 and 1973. :rules:
  21. Looks like it will. According to this, Bill Gates gets his rokks off just thinking about paladium. Some scary possibilities open up. We all know what happened when someone tried to decode DVDs to play on nix, now what's going to happen when we all "rent" our digital media from Bill Gates? EDIT woo hoo I finally got the qoute function right
  22. one word.......... AWESOME
  23. i have copied this directly from it's a taste of we're likely to see
  24. Damn stank, i think you were typing that reply as I was researching :rules:
  25. :flameon: :flameon: Sweedish nad flambee, Denny's style.