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  1. gtk-gnutella hacnslash turned me onto it, and I must admit, its all good in the hood.
  2. man that's a nice article. /me needs to get writing again as well
  3. most slackware users wind up using gentoo in the end, it's everything a slackhead wants in a distro. as for redhat and twirlz, I remember having problems with RHN because the certificates that shipped with all of the distros expired like 8~ months ago. I logged into my RHN account to try to find you a link to the new cert, but i couldnt find anything. Sorry I dont have anything concrete for you, but just poke around redhat till you find something.
  4. *yawn* mess with the best, die like the rest
  5. simply awesome
  6. every time i have been in an issue, i was in the one that came out after I submitted
  7. once again, I'm with the mollusk on this one. There are 2 sides of the wireless coin. On one hand, if you are going to offer free wifi to the masses, you had better know what you are getting into. On the other hand, if someone is going to give you wireless net for free, Please obey bland's rule #1 of hacking... "Don't be a penis."
  8. que necessito mi madre.. i can speak a little, cant spell any
  9. what? other than the fact that apt-get for RPM is way better than the red-hat update, and apt4rpm is still being maintained? It is possible to keep an RH box up to date automatically without needing of the "redhat" software. besides, fedora is the piss-poorest excuse for what claims to be a distro i have ever used as far as I am concerned; And judging by everyone telling him to use redhat instead of fedora, it looks like i'm not alone in that. don't get me wrong here; i'm not bagging on fedora USERS, after all, to each his pwn. I am simply saying that IMHO fedora blew
  10. removepkg xine
  11. aiight yall, I have completely re-tooled the site, and i think you might all like the new layout. I have added the fluxbox themes i have made, and when i get 15 seconds to myself, i may even drop a few more tunes (that is, after all, why stank keeps paying for the site).
  12. OK, I have decided to make the front page of the site into my own blog, so make it a daily read PIMP PIMP PIMP
  13. I honestly have no idea what point you were trying to get across. Please be a bit more specific. In the pilot episode of HackTv there was footage of Dual testing out his "flash box." I was asking whether this took place in the AT&T building. I think the fashbox video was released before Dual's trip to Texas where he hooked up with Bland. correct... damn djmollusk, if you didnt already have a custom title, id give you "RFA Historian" Good eye though Epiphany, It even made me take another look
  14. I honestly have no idea what point you were trying to get across. Please be a bit more specific.
  15. I have heard quite a bit about the infamous stank plate. Let me offer a little bit of counterpoint. What can you learn from a license plate? Stank's name and address? Well, as hard as it would be to get all of that info by running his plate, there are FAR easier ways to get his info. Also, since stank was there for most of the post-production (as i understand), He obviously didn't feel that it was important enough to blur. --------------OFF TOPIC---------------- The shirt that i was wearing was a blatant rip of the wal-mart slogan, color, and typeset. It is one of my favorite shirts, and i wear it with pride. On an afternote, after dual and I got done filming (you only saw like a tenth of what we shot), we went to the dallas virgin megastore, and one of the clerks (a woman of color) stopped me and laughed at it for a pretty good while.
  16. * edited by bland* suffice to say, either answer a question or don't. Just refrain from steering a topic into the gutter by making someone feel bad for wanting a pretty box.
  17. i got rid of red hat when red hat got rid of me. However, i stayed subscribed to the mailing list because i like to see errata and such. Today, i get an email from them that i figured i would share.
  18. lmao that just earned you a custom title congratz... a55 k1553r
  19. no you're not
  20. cool, just checking
  21. look at minix as well
  22. off topic--- replax: i have 2 questions for you. 1. is that avatar a picture of you? and if so 2. Are you in fact the guy from the White Stripes?
  23. :yawn: anyway, i got mine going
  24. the SAME thing just happened on my gentoo box
  25. hey y'all, I'm using gentoo, and I installed the default log prog. For some reason, I don't have a /var/log/secure. I was wondering if i need to enable something, or what the deal is. I have googled for it, but you try to google for "/var/log/secure gentoo" and let me know what you find . thanks