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  1. ya, that sometimes happens with USB drives. Try shutting the box down without the device plugged in, then plug it in and boot up. Linux should see it as attached on startup, and everything should work fine.
  2. lol yeah or you can do what I usually do, which is go there and try every distro ranked below 40. or not, i just placed an order for hdd#3 on my lappy today. I wear those plates like war badges. EvilEntity is still one of my favorite distros.
  3. tasty, all I want to know is how you got those news feeds into your menu. that's pretty rad EDIT: and thank you for not posting that image in-line
  4. also, be sure to check out my themes for fluxbox at
  5. OK, i have a fresh stage one on the laptop. I emerge -uD world and go to work. When i get home I see this on the screen. So i emerge unmerge it, then emerge sync, hoping that maybe i got a bad build or something. The thing is, that when I go to emerge it, it doesn't have to download the source, so I know that it's on there somewhere. If someone could help me resolve this, Id really appreciate it
  6. The haxor handle of bland_inquisitor is "Zer0 Poison".
  7. I think what you mean is like a trainer for D1. Something that will let you import items and what not. Those things are not warez, but if you use them playing D1 through, they do violate the TOS and may get you punted. Having said that, the best one back in the day was bobbafett's diablo trainer. There was a map hack, it would let you drop items into the game, and i think in later versions it would tell you what griz and that one legged dude were selling so you didnt have to run all around tristram to see.
  8. swaret --upgrade aaahhhhhhh im now running slack 10
  9. if there's one thing that really chaffs my willy, its people using the term "bland" like it's a bad thing.
  10. i don't want to read about this packettrash anymore, if someone wants that job they can have it. user:bland_inqusitor thread: CLOSED
  11. shit, I use that for sex lube
  12. yes, install the nvidia drivers then i'm afraid you're going to have to edit a file... /etc/X11/XF86Config and in the Video card section you're going to have to change from "vesa" to "nvidia"
  13. in a few months? uhh you should read more. to quote "L0phtCrack is an NT password auditting tool." - . now, since the shadow password package doesn't use the same hashing that NT does, I fail to see how l0phtcrack will ever give you a working password. well you got me... you sure know more about password crackers than I do. Maybe someday I'll be k-rad like you
  14. get l0phtcrack, pm me, I'll give you my /etc/shadow and in a few months you can tell me my root password
  15. i assume you are not "THE" Grifter from SLC2600? even if you're not, you're welcome to post wherever you'd like