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  1. Read the rules please...
  2. I just recently put switchblade and hacksaw on my 2gig U3 jumpdrive, comes in handy. If you want to try an alternative to the hak5 switchblade/hacksaw try this one it worked for me on another 1 gig U3 i had laying around. I actually prefer the one from gonzor228; hope this helps.
  3. Depends on what you want to do with a laptop/desktop. Just normal surfing the net, checking email pretty much any comp can do that. Just a matter of preference past that (brand/color/size of screen). It might be easier to answer your question, if you mentioned what your wanting to do with it. The general answer/info is if your going to be running V1sta(aero gl4ss) i would get a comp with 2 gigs of memory, if x|p i would suggest 1 gig. Can't really answering anything specs wise other than that, because your cpu/HD doesn't really come in to play when it comes to surfing and checking email. Building or finding a desktop for $200 is going to be pretty hard short of that linux comp that was sold at W4lm4rt for a limited time. hxxp:// <-- For noobs change the xx to tt in the address. To answer you last question for those people that know how to build computers, it's always worth it to build rather than to buy. Reason being you get exactly what you want and can customize to your like-ing and budget.
  4. Heres a list that might help you out. I currently have a D-Link DWA-642 it has a atheros chipset and works perfectly and has excellent range. Keep in mind the reason most people buy atheros chipset based cards aside from being compatible with all the normal tools of the trade, is a connector to allow an external antenna. I haven't seen many off the shelf cards short of Orinocco and Senoa that have external connectors. You can google for sites that show you how to mod external connectors on to cards that don't already have them but coming from experience i didn't find it worth it. For ex: Hope this helped.
  5. Best analogy i've heard when it comes to explaining hacking in a very long time. Nicely done nullkraft
  6. Most people start with python. and theres tons of documentation on it online. Then most go to C then to C++, then perl. Start where you like in the chain or go for another not on my list, but a bit of advice. The more you try to skip ahead the harder it is to learn, and the more confused you get. Eventually you end up back at square one with python.
  7. Leaked early, almost guaranteed. I'm going to say -9 days till official release
  8. Everybody here is always very helpful, i defientely go to the binrev irc. You'll learn alot, be sure to collect as much reading material as you can. Not to promote another site but i know has a mentor program, so you can check them out. Good luck, hope you find a home here, if so glad to have you.
  9. Glad i made this post for just such an occasion. Good luck
  10. Sorry to say your a long ways away from clean. Pest trap is a illegitamate program. check out Pest trap = aggressive, deceptive advertising (1); false positives work as goad to purchase; inadequate scan reporting; same app as Brave Sentry, PestWiper, SpyDemolisher, SpySheriff, SpyTrooper, SpywareNo, & Spyware-Stop [A: 1-18-06 / U: 4-12-06] You definetly want to run the smithfraudfix, and all the cleaners in my orginal post i linked you too Ccleaner does not clean virus's, and it doesn't clean spyware/adware/malware which is more than likely what you have. Not to say you don't have viruses but all the other badware is way more common and typically easier to get. Good luck.
  11. Yes it's compatible but remember dban will ERASE everything good or bad, it completly wipes a drive clean of any operating system windows or linux or files or basically anything at all. Once it's gone theres no turning back. You download it, burn it to a cd(i belive it's small enough to fit on a floppy, but not totally sure) then restart your machine and make sure your computer is set to boot from cd or floppy which ever your using. Asking questions never hurts, thats what forums is for. I will never flame people that honestly just want help with legitamate things. The 64bit version is good, it will harness the full capabilities of a processor but there is a big lack of drivers, so i'd make sure and see if they have drivers for your card, board etc... I have a amd64 machine as my main machine and i run xp pro with cool and quiet software(made for amd64 machines running xp) for stability. I tried xp64 and it ran really flakey and would blue screen or hang almost everytime. If your up to trying it go for it :voteyes: , expermentation is the name of the game. Hopefully you get a operating system that is stable and functional that you like whether it's wind0ws or linux. If you game at all i'd use wind0ws, linux isn't necessarily geared for it plus most game manufactuers don't make linux versions of games. The speed is awesome but the support is lacking. Your on the right track, follow the white rabbit neo.
  12. Yes you can delete everything on the drive, easiest way is to delete it using the 2000/xp cd, but you can also download dban it does a more thorough job, but does take a while depending on the drive size. If you want to try linux which is indeed FREE. Checkout it gives a breakdown of what the individual distros offer. I'd suggest ubuntu to start off with, it's very easy to use for beginers and will have pretty much everything you need preinstalled. Ubuntu is also a "Live CD" which means you can run that version of linux just off of the cd and memory it won't actually install to the drive, but if you do want to install to your hardrive, it's got a click and point icon on the desktop. You can also dual boot and have linux and wind0ws on the same drive. I'd rather you not just erase that whole drive. What ever linux distro you go with i'd suggest joining the there forum for example You download linux from the manufactuer site as well which will be an .iso file. Hopefully you have a burner and some easy to use burning software like nero. Just make sure you get the .iso thats right for your type of computer for example the 64bit version vs. 32bit. If you have a little bit of money to spend i'd buy a new drive to load linux on and put the infected one in as a slave, if nothing else you could still use it as a storage drive. Check for good deals on drives or anything else you might need for that matter. Good luck
  13. I'd take that drive out and hook it up to another machine and do the cleaning that way. Alot of tools will let you clean a specific drive instead of defaulting to C. This is what i do on drives that won't go into safemode or constantly blue screen. Read this post i made a while back and run most if not all of the cleaners on the page and then every once and a while hook it back up to the orginal machine to see if you can get atleast into safemode, once you can you know your making headway. Good luck, my post is the 4th one down.
  14. Read my post that i made a while back it has a ton of useful links, i do this everyday at work and it's time consuming but if done right, very effective. Hope this helps. My post is the 4th one down.