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  1. My PC is wired to my home network, but it has a wireless card in it because it used to be wireless untill I re-wired my basement, but I was wondering if I could connect to a wireless network simultaniously to the wired one. I dont just want redundant networks incase that one goes out though, I want it work almost like a load bearing router. I want to basically get double the bandwidth. Is this possible?? bobo
  2. Sure, I have seen multiple distros at BestBuy. But you could just download ISO's or get ubuntu to send you CD's for free. BoBo
  3. just on a side note... that was an amazing first post.
  4. very nice... i just started to DL a copy
  5. just click the little activation button in the bottom corner and then try to activate, when you can't click the option to call them up and it gives you like a 30 digit key that you have to read to them and you read it to them and they then give you like a 30 digit key back and you enter it and then you click a button and BANG you are activated... My XP key is used on both of my desktop machines and probably both have been reinstalled about 20+ times, and i have to reactivate threw the phone service every time
  6. If microsoft could get some places like starbucks and panera to give support to this, I think this could quickly catch on and become popular. I personally think it is very cool.
  7. My first "Hack" was in 5th grade when I was 10-11 (I am 15 now), I wrote a batch file and ran netstat and found the network IP of our schools server then just DOS'ed it to death and the entire school network went down for like 10 minutes Pretty lame "hack"
  8. what is the purpose of having 6gb of junk?
  9. well according to your name you should be able to do it theres a link if you actually want to go and look and do some work to figure it out.
  10. I'll keep that in mind when I look for a job
  11. Are you sure that guy isn't you?? Because you and him seem to have about the same spelling and grammar skills.
  12. even if there wasn't a typo i think the "use of deadly force....blah blah" is what gives it away
  13. I know this is a little bit off topic here but..... Has anyone gotten DiVX web player to work on linux?? I got the new DIVX codec for linux that was released but could never get the web player to work.
  14. Did you burn the same image all 4 times? Because if that image didnt work the first time it most likely wouldnt work again. Your best bet is to re-download the image from a different mirror and burn it again.
  15. YOU NEVER FINISH!! hahahahaa