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  1. On the right of course.
  2. I'll host them up on datamachine if you want. Nice 100mbit connection =D
  3. Majestic, ntheory, no need to argue. sftp
  4. Hahahaha. *sighs* :omfg:
  5. I'm getting the same o.0 What browser are you using?
  6. Lifetime Movie Network's take on hacking. The story will be padded with domestic abuse, alcoholism, and some shitty sappy love story.
  7. That doesn't seem to be quite what I'm looking for. I don't (well, it would be nice) want to record them so much as have the computer sound and the phone sound be connected, creating a bridge between something like a group talk program (teamspeak) and a phone call(like to a conf).
  8. he basicly said the same thing I did =P
  9. Yes. Listen. Now. =P
  10. I don't think this is possible, as video has very little redudant data and very little whitespace. That would be much less effective at compression then analysis of the video it self, and compressing that was, like with xvid and such.
  11. Actually, yes, hopefully by the end of the weekend...thought I have Datamachine sign-ups, CCDB, and tons of homework to do before then x_x I'll try
  12. No, it's linked to http://http/;// doug might want to fix it ^_~ Oh, and I'll be listening to them all!
  13. 1) If you need help setting up quota's just ask me, I've done it a thousand times. 2) Set the inode limits to 0 if you don't care about file count. Then problem solved
  14. Lemme give you a few tips, first, don't redbox to a familer number, especially while experimenting. Second, most pay phones now mute the mouthpeice when dialing a call. Now, some argue this means that it won't work, but the trick is to get your self in a situation where the mouth piece is not muted, aka, operated assisted calling It's usefull to be "visually impared" here. Lastbut not least, if you walk away calmly from a situation, the "real guy" is the one that ran
  15. Yea, this is a solution I was hoping for, but I'll have to look into it more.