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  1. Long time lurker, first time posting. I'm amazed that no one mentions FTA (free-to-air) satellite hacking. These receivers were used back in the days for those huge metal dish that sat in people's backyards. But lately, people have found a way to hack them to receive dish network signals (and many more). I've been doing it for almost two years now. I started out, and still have, a Pansat 2500; it works great but there are much better receivers now. I'm currently testing out a coolsat 5000 plat from a friend, this receiver is much better. The actual channel listing (EPG) actually works; it shows all the current shows. Unlike the one on my pansat, which doesn't do jack. Pansat also sucks now because the creator of the receiver started to send out scripts to kill their receivers. (ironic) The receivers run about 150 to 200 bucks on ebay, local swap meet or flea market, classified ads (craigslist). Then you pick up a directv or dish network 18" circular (this can receive up to two sat with a small mod) or 24" oval dish (this dish can receive up to 4 satellites on one dish) (also make sure they're not DISH Pro500 LNB) (LNB are the things at the end of the dish). Aim the dish to the desired satellite in space, hook up the wires to the receiver. Then program the receiver from your computer via serial cable. It's very simple to program too: just find the latest bin people have created, and find a current channel list. Upload both and you're good to go. ViewSAT is the best I’m hearing right now, but I’ve never got a change to test drive one of those. My setup: coolsat 5000 plat, 24" oval dish with two LNB, one pointed to 110 and 119. I only program my receiver when it gets hit, average around every 4 months or when a huge sporting events show up haha. But sometimes when it does get hit, it's just a simple key change. is the forums I use for FTA files and info. As of right now, some ppv dont work. Must be some channel frequency change. I haven't looked on any other forums yet about this; maybe i'll get to it tomorrow. If you must start hacking now, I suggest a coolsat 5000 plat receiver. if you do somehow end up getting a pansat 2500/2700, make sure it's not a fake. there are tons of clones/fakes out there that hardly works. If you guys are interested, ask any quesitons and i'll try to answer them. I have more links for more files edit: opps, is this in the right location? maybe It should be in its own thread? I don't know =\