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  1. ToneLoc is a command-line program. Open a command prompt window, navigate to the ToneLoc directory and type 'toneloc' (without the apostrophes) to get a quick rundown of the parameters required for it to run.
  2. I don't understand the logic in doing this to your laptop. Are you saying once it destructs, the laptop won't be usable anymore and would basically be a brick?
  3. 800-326-2431 - "You have reached the State Farm Disaster 800 number. There are no reported disasters in your calling area at this time."
  4. I've been wondering this too. My guess is that when the software first installs, it installs a "disguised" key somewhere in the registry so that it won't be easily deleted by the user.
  5. That's obviously spoofed. There are no NPAs that begin with 1.
  6. You connect a socket to the proxy server, negotiate with it, then relay data back and forth. It's really simple. Read about SOCKS.
  7. I've been wondering what's been going on with DIG Magazine myself. Last I heard (August 2006), lowtec was looking for articles for issue #5. Haven't heard anything since. Where is lowtec these days?
  8. mentions something about a freeware version included with their shareware package. I guess it can only crack WinRAR passwords that were generated with v2.00-2.80. Worth a try. From the readme.txt file of the above mentioned software:
  9. The original poster is referring to exchange scanning.
  10. The only advice I have to offer is not to do too much scanning thru a VoIP provider because they can easily detect it and terminate your account without notice. Scan randomly just to be safe. There is (or was) a law in the state of Colorado that says it's illegal to place a telephone call without the intent to communicate.
  11. This thread has given me the urge to pick up a phone and start scanning again... Haven't scanned much lately.
  12. I recommend C or Ada. Maybe I'm old school, but I prefer procedural languages over OOP any day of the week.
  13. I don't understand how you can find C/C++ hard if you find ASM so easy. For me, it's the opposite. I was reading a book on ASM, and I was so overwhelmed that I decided to put off learning it for a while. High level languages are a piece of cake for me. Maybe I'm not cut out for ASM. I doubt I would ever use it often anyway.
  14. Whoa, thanks! I had no idea such a switch existed.
  15. Does anyone know if it's possible to trick Windows into thinking a system has less memory than it actually has and have it run as if the system only had that much memory -- without having to remove memory modules physically? I want to experiment a little and benchmark a program to see how it would perform on a computer with very little memory.