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  1. It appears you have copied my name! it looks like I have a twin.
  2. Hey guys. Haven't been on here a while, but I think you guys may be interested in this. Not sure if you have heard of this site. The basic run-down is that its invite-only, and you get points for logging in (2 a day) and 2 points for inviting friends. Referral system works through e-mail. (Someone gives you their email, they sign up using the link you sent them, you get 2 points). Points can be redeemed for xb360, ps3, macbook, ipods etc. Its clear from the performance of the site that their code is very unstable and very new, which could give rise to many areas for exploration. Im just wondering if you guys know of any way that this process can be exploited, and how it works. For instance, if someone were to make a ton of hotmail accounts, send out invites to them, and go to a library and accept on a bunch of different computers, it would be impossible to track right? Each different library computer has different IPs right? Or rather, they have different "sub" ips. Im interested in what you guys think, and what ways you guys can think of to get a ton of these invites. If you want an invite, send me a PM.
  3. Yes, and people like that we call "wiggas".
  4. I hope you all enjoy the good news! LOL
  5. Yeah true, but still a cool idea... And the proxy is teh fun! its also good for finding bootlegs of concerts and such
  6. Check it out... vey interesting
  7. Holy shit really dude? What were the charges? What the hell? You didn't do anything... did you?
  8. Dude. Even if they DID get the police involved, what would they do? For what? You have done nothing more than spread information. How is your site no different that some ghey blog of someones? You have done nothing wrong unless you say "ZOMG I HAXoRED TEH SK00l HERE IS TEH SKREEN SH07 TO TEH PROVE IT!!11onwe" Your safe bud. If you want to be bold, come out and say its you. Then ask what you did wrong. Or rather, instead of comming out, first ask people what they think would happen to the people of the site (using expert social engineering and such) and then decide whether or not it would be a good idea to tell them it was you.
  9. Isn't Emmanuel Goldstein a ficticious character from the George Orwell's timeless novel "1984?"
  10. LOL. ...Uhh... im guess im glad you like the show? But yeah, different Wintermute... maybe I will change it? But I see what you are all saying about 64 bit... I will probablly switch over to that next time I reformat... (Soon.)
  11. Other than hardware, everything (programs etc) will work the same if not better right?
  12. Hey guys. I have an AMD Athlon 64 2800+ and Windows x64... I previously installed it, and realized that ATI did not have any drivers for my old video card... so I had to reinstall origonal XP. Recently, I bought a nVidia 6600 GT for my computer, and im pretty sure it has 64 bit drivers. So, I was wondering is a 64 bit operating system really worth all the hassle of backing up and reinstalling? What are some advantages??? Thanks!