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  1. Wow I was just telling someone about this the other day. Ironically skytel wrestling hotlines and this got me into phreaking.
  2. I remember doing phone directories of odd and old weird numbers and even payphone numbers. I actually was working on compiling an updated version of the original some numbers thread on binrev but had a drive fail during that time. I'm honestly surprised no one has attempted to do anothee phone phreaking directory especially with the technology and communication being where it's at today.
  3. Here's a blast from the past.. Tellme Voice Portal 408.752.8052
  4. Couldn't that just be like pregame or something??
  5. And you didn't mention anything..
  6. Yet to do anything with it.. maybe tonight. Oh yeah they are now a buck!!
  7. It's about scanning season up here in teh land!
  8. Ht701 is the model number. I was able to pickup in store for same price. The tag on shelf was still at 9.99..
  9. 832-999-1717 MRN (Motor Racing Network) AudioNow NASCAR radio feed. Go Rowdy!!
  10. 419-772-3073 Elevator
  11. So I was thinking this might also spark some additional traffic/activities on this board.. So today in Ohio land At&T had an outages that affected all of northeast Ohio and other metro areas.. http://www.wkyc.com/story/news/local/northeast-ohio/2015/01/13/911-outages/21719669/
  12. A few numbers from my travels.. 330-868-9970 payphone directly in front of frontier co GT5. 888-608-8028 ,1 Frontier Business 877-462-8188 Frontier Repair 800-460-4211 Frontier Refund
  13. Hardware was updated a few years ago, around then they where being pulled. You guys got me wanting to get back into things.. What irc server/channel everyone hanging around these days?
  14. I was just talking to my boy RPM about doing something like this. I have a few numbers I will edit this post and add shortly.
  15. I'd be down to help out TP.
  16. Back in they day when DSL boomed as everything at that time was dial up I ran into similar issues. I just simply added a dsl filter inline on the beige box.
  17. I attended this Notacon and a few after, these where some great times!
  18. Absolutely! It would be a shame to let it just go to waste, unfinished it may be but I'm sure most will enjoy. I know I'd love to check it out.
  19. I just happen to be staying at a hotel myself tonight.. I guess I will post what I found with the little time I've had to poke around.. Candlewood Suites Room to Room 7+ 3 digit room number Outside Line 9 (Local +Area code + Phone number) (Long + 1 + Area Code + Phone Number) 1 - Reorder 200-201 Greeting (Main outgoing recording) 202-209 Reorder 2100-2101 Reorder 2102 After ringing for quite sometime someone picked up and hung up. 22-31 Reorder 321-324 Voicemail 325-33 Reorder 340 Rang out 341-39 Reorder 4000-4010 Voicemail 4011-4012 Wakeup call recording 4013-4019 Reorder 4100 Wakeup call recording 4101-4109 Reorder 411-443 Reorder 440000-440059 Dial tone 45-54 Reorder 5500 Rang Out 5501-59 Reorder 60-6999 Reorder (Odd nothing valid, doesn't jump right to reorder) 7 = Room to Room 8 Reorder 9 Outside Line
  20. Nothing special here, just two error messages and a handful of time and temerature numbers that are still working.. 215-936-1212 testing 1 2 3 4 5 testing 1 then loops. This used to be the old time and temp 215-846-1212 testing 1 2 3 4 5 then reorder 214-844-1212 time and temperature Dallas, TX 979-849-4301 time and temperature 412-391-9500 time and temperature Pittsburg, PA 618-395-0123 time and temperature 807-345-9111 Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 807-548-8353 Kenora, Ontario, Canada 807-487-1080 Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
  21. I've been waiting to see that for awhile now noob.. Thanks for letting me know IRC was back up.
  22. MJB- It's been a LONG time bro, most of the guys have dropped out or poke around AIM/IRC/ and other places that seem to be slipping my mind currently.
  23. Back again for the first time!!!1!!!
  24. STOP to link me to this software ! I AINT THE CODER ! Told you, didnt tried Iwar, so i cant tell. You dont want to download it ? Okay, its your choice, but stop triyng to tell us "Guyz, i made my way, i'm an expert on this, this is bullshit..." or something like that. You really believe, in 2012, people cant scan/open it in an Hex editor/a debugger to see if its a virus a backdoor or whatever ??? You think they need you to tell 'em "Guyz, beware !" ? Are you fuckin serious ? Plus, politics got nothin' to do with this, okay ? I was pretty sure you'll tell some shit about my country, but hey... anyway... dont want to play this game with you. To close this case, speaking about Phonesweep, i tried it with my cellphone. It dont works. Strangely, TelcoScan works like a fuckin charm. Just to let you know... PhoneSweep cost several hundreds of dollars (just for response, your dollars worth nothin' aside euros, just to let you know again...), almost a thousand, just for the basic version, to make it "away from the hands of hackers". Give me a break... For the functionalities,as you probably know, a software can be upgraded... The developper do what he wants. If his desire is to sell his software or not, for one cent, one dollar or a million, its his choice... Stick with what you want, but stop acting "l33t h4x0r". You fuckin ridiculous... TalaF0wn First of all if your not the coder maybe you should inform him to share his work on such forums.. If you can't answer question's that brings up a big red flag buddy. Yeah we could verify the file content but there is still people whom are noobs. iwar hands down rocks! Maybe the coder of this software could release code and get feedback and support from the scene? If not all good, we just have more questions but this type of software should be open source. IMO Myself I'll pickup my copper and dial away after I check LERG, or the areas where numbers tend to be.. As far as you speaking of jfalcon you better watch yourself. Where old skool and are all about the fucking PSTN! Maybe you should re-read your post and maybe you'll see your acttin' a lil fucking ridiculous yourself if you did any research about jfalcon you know he has been around for awhile.. On the flipside I might be able to help you out with Android support I happen to have quite a few samsung and moto phones I could use for testing.. "Only love is real" - greyarea
  25. 615.372.29xx.txtWhat it do gang? Noticed not much has been going on as of late.. Hope to get a few people to post some scans they have also been working on. Working on a few other projects as well so keep your eyes open for that Also if anyone can help mirror the old PnG site and maybe provide hosting as well please contact me. Handscan of 615-372-29xx By: ic0n - ic0n [at] phreaksandgeeks.com Done 02/07/2012 via verizon wireless. ANAC - Automatic Number Announcement Circuit CBCAD - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed CBCAE - Cannot Be Completed As Entered CBRFYCA - Cannot Be Reached From Your Calling Area DISCO - Disconnected DTMF - Dual Tone Multi Frequency HELO - "Hello?" NAFYCA - Not Available From Your Calling Area NIS - Not In Service SIT - Special Information Tone TTY - Teletypewriter VM - Voice Mail 615-372-2900 - Thank you for calling verizon wireless.. 615-372-2901 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2902 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2903 - not signed in? hangup 615-372-2904 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2905 - Verion voice mail system. 615-372-2906 - not signed in 615-372-2907 - vm rep in port center. 615-372-2908 - same as 2905. 615-372-2909 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2910 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2911 - not signed in. 615-372-2912 - not signed in. 615-372-2913 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2914 - ro @ 1 min. 615-372-2915 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2916 - not signed in. 615-372-2917 - not signed in. 615-372-2918 - not signed in. 615-372-2919 - verizon voice mail system. 615-372-2920 - not signed in. 615-372-2921 - invalid number. 615-372-2922 - not signed in. 615-372-2923 - invalid number. 615-372-2924 - unassigned number. 615-372-2925 - verizon wireless voicemail system. 615-372-2926 - not signed in. 615-372-2927 - unassigned number. 615-372-2928 - unassigned number. 615-372-2929 - not signed in. 615-372-2930 - invalid number. 615-372-2931 - invalid number. 615-372-2932 - unassigned number. 615-372-2933 - unassigned number. 615-372-2934 - unassigned number. 615-372-2935 - not signed in. 615-372-2936 - invalid number. 615-372-2937 - vm 615-372-2938 - verizon wireless voicemail system. 615-372-2939 - ring 30 sec the unassigned number. 615-372-2940 - unassigned number. 615-372-2941 - unassigned number. 615-372-2942 - not signed in. 615-372-2943 - unassigned number. 615-372-2944 - invalid number. 615-372-2945 - not signed in. 615-372-2946 - verizon wireless voicemail system. 615-372-2947 - invalid number. 615-372-2948 - unassigned number. 615-372-2949 - unassigned number. 615-372-2950 - invalid number. 615-372-2951 - unassigned number. 615-372-2952 - not signed in. 615-372-2953 - unassigned number. 615-372-2954 - invalid number. 615-372-2955 - not signed in. 615-372-2956 - not signed in. 615-372-2957 - vm 615-372-2958 - not signed in. 615-372-2959 - unassigned number. 615-372-2960 - invalid number 615-372-2961 - verizon wireless voicemail system. 615-372-2962 - not signed in. 615-372-2963 - not signed in. 615-372-2964 - invalid number 615-372-2965 - invalid number 615-372-2966 - not signed in. 615-372-2967 - invalid number 615-372-2968 - invalid number 615-372-2969 - invalid number 615-372-2970 - vm 615-372-2971 - invalid number 615-372-2972 - invalid number 615-372-2973 - invalid number 615-372-2974 - invalid number 615-372-2975 - invalid number 615-372-2976 - invalid number 615-372-2977 - invalid number 615-372-2978 - invalid number 615-372-2979 - invalid number 615-372-2980 - ring once then invalid number 615-372-2981 - invalid number 615-372-2982 - invalid number 615-372-2983 - invalid number 615-372-2984 - invalid number 615-372-2985 - invalid number 615-372-2986 - invalid number 615-372-2987 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2988 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2989 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2990 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2991 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2992 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2993 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2994 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2995 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2996 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2997 - vm lady @ verizon 615-372-2998 - invalid number hangup. 615-372-2999 - Verizon Collections Notes/Shouts: "Swim in teh ocean and you'll get balls in yo mouth" - Jimmy Fallon " You think anyone likes a dick in there mouth? It's called a blowjob because it's fuckin' a job" - Seth Rogan 50/50 Thanks to handscan.net for the output. Keeping phreaking alive in 2012, pickup teh phone and dial. Holla. One love. EOF Phreaks and Geeks copywrong 2012.