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  1. Couldn't that just be like pregame or something??
  2. And you didn't mention anything..
  3. Yet to do anything with it.. maybe tonight. Oh yeah they are now a buck!!
  4. It's about scanning season up here in teh land!
  5. Ht701 is the model number. I was able to pickup in store for same price. The tag on shelf was still at 9.99..
  6. 832-999-1717 MRN (Motor Racing Network) AudioNow NASCAR radio feed. Go Rowdy!!
  7. 419-772-3073 Elevator
  8. A few numbers from my travels.. 330-868-9970 payphone directly in front of frontier co GT5. 888-608-8028 ,1 Frontier Business 877-462-8188 Frontier Repair 800-460-4211 Frontier Refund
  9. So I was thinking this might also spark some additional traffic/activities on this board.. So today in Ohio land At&T had an outages that affected all of northeast Ohio and other metro areas.. http://www.wkyc.com/story/news/local/northeast-ohio/2015/01/13/911-outages/21719669/
  10. Hardware was updated a few years ago, around then they where being pulled. You guys got me wanting to get back into things.. What irc server/channel everyone hanging around these days?
  11. I was just talking to my boy RPM about doing something like this. I have a few numbers I will edit this post and add shortly.
  12. I'd be down to help out TP.
  13. Back in they day when DSL boomed as everything at that time was dial up I ran into similar issues. I just simply added a dsl filter inline on the beige box.
  14. Absolutely! It would be a shame to let it just go to waste, unfinished it may be but I'm sure most will enjoy. I know I'd love to check it out.
  15. I just happen to be staying at a hotel myself tonight.. I guess I will post what I found with the little time I've had to poke around.. Candlewood Suites Room to Room 7+ 3 digit room number Outside Line 9 (Local +Area code + Phone number) (Long + 1 + Area Code + Phone Number) 1 - Reorder 200-201 Greeting (Main outgoing recording) 202-209 Reorder 2100-2101 Reorder 2102 After ringing for quite sometime someone picked up and hung up. 22-31 Reorder 321-324 Voicemail 325-33 Reorder 340 Rang out 341-39 Reorder 4000-4010 Voicemail 4011-4012 Wakeup call recording 4013-4019 Reorder 4100 Wakeup call recording 4101-4109 Reorder 411-443 Reorder 440000-440059 Dial tone 45-54 Reorder 5500 Rang Out 5501-59 Reorder 60-6999 Reorder (Odd nothing valid, doesn't jump right to reorder) 7 = Room to Room 8 Reorder 9 Outside Line