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  1. My cable co. sucks for this. They port scan constantly for web servers, ftp, mail, and that's to name a few. Every service I've ever tried to run only ran for a hour then blocked. Then you are 24hr watch because even if you change your ports they still block you, within like 5min. I've been warned so many times they always say it's to control spam. Now I use dsl for all those needs the co. i use is really awesome and I kept my cable for speed. Kinda nice to have more than one connection.
  2. Coffee cup has a decent little program you can use. It's a trial. There are better out there, I just can't think of any off the top of my head right now. I used it to catch one of my dogs eating my couch.
  3. Hey, guys i this is my first post on the forum. And i must say i do like this place, alot of info from alot of intelligent people. I just wanted to say i also ran the Mac OS X Tiger in vmware and ran pretty nicely. And after i was familar with the os i installed it on one of my test machines (acer Ferrari 4006) and to my surprise it ran fairly well. This was a while ago so details are a bit blurry but, it did work. Good luck to you guys.