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  1. thank you...saves me some time:)
  2. i usually get stuff from jinx or thinkgeek, at thinkgeek they got tons of great shit i jus got the 007 camera from them
  3. yea that would be badass.....i havent really had much time to mess around with the ngage but it seems decent. i jus dont know if i could spend $200 on a handheld system
  4. ok i got 2 harddrives a 60gig maxtor and a 120gig on the 120 is windows xp pro, on the 60 gig is redhat 9, its a dual boot and loads off the second drive 1st, im running out of space on my primary and really need to format the 60 gig into windows, i got 60gigs worth or backedup dreamcast images on the 120 and REALLY must protect this data. how can i safely reformat the 60 gig to windows without having boot problems?
  5. i dont get much popups only from certain sites where the know that the mojority of people going there are running firefox such as packetnews.
  6. yea this guy is OBVIOUSLY selling burned out warez
  7. omg you people obviosly arent reading the site
  8. ok look at the software they sell read the faq its rediculous http://www.e-bracken.com/oemsoft/?page=index&pid=&cart= theyre even selling redhat 7.3 :pissed:
  9. yea this was discussed on an old ep of binrev or RFA i belive, but its a pretty cool site almost every ghetto term i could think of they had proper definitions of
  10. yea this is a sad reality, but p2p's are lame n e way its better to get original release from real warez groups, but its just like suprnova.com and .net they try to scam people and make money off something thats free, or people selling gmail invites its jus assholes that are trying to make cash off something thats free. :blowfuse:
  11. it looks interesting maybe ill add it to my netflix rental que
  12. yea gmail wont be pay only, but yea pop prolly will cost money cuz ur getting around their ads, but that would be badass if i get it free for being a beta tester
  13. welcome elchoaro, yea those pics are very disturbing
  14. yea im waiting till it supports pop access webmail is kinda annoying but anyway has anyone got invites in like the past few weeks? i havent gotten any, its like they stopped giving em out
  15. theyre using picasa i belive as a way to transfer pictures to blogger