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  1. I'm not sure what I would give it out of ten, but, I will say, I like what they have done to Windows ME. Seriously though, it would be very low on the scale.
  2. I have used 64bit windows XP and while there are advantages, personally, I believe the disadvantages greatly outnumber those few advantages.
  3. He has three monitors, that means surround BSOD!
  4. 80%... I wrote scripts to do my homework once... It worked too. :voteyes:
  5. He's not dumb, he knows that's the best way to keep his credit card number safe.
  6. I'm assuming you would be using Windows, in which case you could write an autorun.inf file to start your keylogger everytime it is plugged in. I was acctually going ot set up a system like that on one of my flash drives (along with a vnc server) but I never got around to it.
  7. Not that Bill has to know a whole lot about the competition, he has people to take care of that, he can just sit back and get richer, but yeah I would assume he does have a Linux box somewhere, along with a Mac. Microsoft launched an new group of Linux servers a couple months ago to try to bring in some of the Linux community and try to show us they are not really the evil empire.
  8. I have also run OSX86 on an AMD 64 3000+ with a SIS chipset on my Averetec laptop. I was pleasantly suprised to see that with no extra drivers the hardware support was better with OSX86 than with Windows XP