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  1. I know I made a statment originally stating AT&T/Cingular wasn't able to block calls. Well, they just told us today that they're coming out with parental controls (AT&T Smart Limits) allowing customers to block up to 15 numbers with day/time restrictions. Of course the service cost money; it's $4.99/monthly and not set to release until Mid-September. Honestly, I think the monthly service should be free.
  2. I work Cingular/At&t Mobility in the business end user care department (call center), and I hate to tell you this but there is no way. I deal with they're system's day in and day out. I heard a rumor that some other carrier has it; but for the majority of cellphone carriers, the technology doesn't seem to be used or it's just not possible.
  3. Temp. internet files & loggers

    That gets real sticky in the relationship department.......We live together, and I own the the only computer in this house. He pays for the cable modem; so I kind of have to if I wish to continue to keep things civil around here. Blah....... I'll kick him off though if starts deleting files other then that. :blowfuse: But then again, I guess I can't say that either; I always cave into to his every whim. Ha! He acts as if I wouldn't know what was going on my network though. Thats the messed up thing!
  4. Temp. internet files & loggers

    I am currently looking for a site logger to track the history in internet explorer. I don't have too much money at this point, so I was hope some one could tell where to find some freeware for that use? My pesky boyfriend keeps deleting the history on my computer, and I am really picky about that. I hate when people go on my computer, and fuck with my settings. As to what he was deleting will be up for some debate I supose, but i'm not even touching that at all.
  5. ?? Save the internet ??

    Huh?.........I don't think I totally follow the point to that site. Infact, I just briefly read it over and I don't see how much it matters.....

    lol, thats awesome.
  7. Ask the NSA for your records

    Damn'll just be sending them invite.
  8. image burning

    I haven't heard of fedpra; but anything you need to know about burning a image is right here. I like blindwrite the best; its never caused me any trouble. I hope that helps. :-)
  9. welcome NEW PEOPLE

    Hi! I'm Kristin; I know some programing code and Linux. Thats about it! But I am interested in learning and thats why I am here. I am in college trying earn my computer science degree; I use the word trying beucause I was really never good at shool work. :-) I hope you guys can teach me something I can use for fun and for learning purposes.