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  1. I know I made a statment originally stating AT&T/Cingular wasn't able to block calls. Well, they just told us today that they're coming out with parental controls (AT&T Smart Limits) allowing customers to block up to 15 numbers with day/time restrictions. Of course the service cost money; it's $4.99/monthly and not set to release until Mid-September. Honestly, I think the monthly service should be free.
  2. I work Cingular/At&t Mobility in the business end user care department (call center), and I hate to tell you this but there is no way. I deal with they're system's day in and day out. I heard a rumor that some other carrier has it; but for the majority of cellphone carriers, the technology doesn't seem to be used or it's just not possible.
  3. That gets real sticky in the relationship department.......We live together, and I own the the only computer in this house. He pays for the cable modem; so I kind of have to if I wish to continue to keep things civil around here. Blah....... I'll kick him off though if starts deleting files other then that. :blowfuse: But then again, I guess I can't say that either; I always cave into to his every whim. Ha! He acts as if I wouldn't know what was going on my network though. Thats the messed up thing!
  4. I am currently looking for a site logger to track the history in internet explorer. I don't have too much money at this point, so I was hope some one could tell where to find some freeware for that use? My pesky boyfriend keeps deleting the history on my computer, and I am really picky about that. I hate when people go on my computer, and fuck with my settings. As to what he was deleting will be up for some debate I supose, but i'm not even touching that at all.
  5. Huh?.........I don't think I totally follow the point to that site. Infact, I just briefly read it over and I don't see how much it matters.....
  6. lol, thats awesome.
  7. Damn'll just be sending them invite.
  8. I haven't heard of fedpra; but anything you need to know about burning a image is right here. I like blindwrite the best; its never caused me any trouble. I hope that helps. :-)
  9. Hi! I'm Kristin; I know some programing code and Linux. Thats about it! But I am interested in learning and thats why I am here. I am in college trying earn my computer science degree; I use the word trying beucause I was really never good at shool work. :-) I hope you guys can teach me something I can use for fun and for learning purposes.