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  1. This may be completely off topic but I'll mention it anyway..For a prank you could put Chloroform in someone's cell phone so when they talk you can set it off....Hahaha...You'd just hear this *thud*
  2. Hey Null, again I didn't take the time to analyze that code the other person provided....But I did this: runas /? RUNAS USAGE: RUNAS [ [/noprofile | /profile] [/env] [/netonly] ] /user:<UserName> program RUNAS [ [/noprofile | /profile] [/env] [/netonly] ] /smartcard [/user:<UserName>] program /noprofile specifies that the user's profile should not be loaded. This causes the application to load more quickly, but can cause some applications to malfunction. /profile specifies that the user's profile should be loaded. This is the default. /env to use current environment instead of user's. /netonly use if the credentials specified are for remote access only. /savecred to use credentials previously saved by the user. This option is not available on Windows XP Home Edition and will be ignored. /smartcard use if the credentials are to be supplied from a smartcard. /user <UserName> should be in form USER@DOMAIN or DOMAIN\USER program command line for EXE. See below for examples Examples: > runas /noprofile /user:mymachine\administrator cmd > runas /profile /env /user:mydomain\admin "mmc %windir%\system32\dsa.msc" > runas /env / "notepad \"my file.txt\"" NOTE: Enter user's password only when prompted. NOTE: USER@DOMAIN is not compatible with /netonly. NOTE: /profile is not compatible with /netonly. Well, I tryed runas /noprofile with trying to open regedit.....Meh, I need more practice with cmd!! I need a comp! Haha..... .....
  3. Hey, didja try doing what I did Memory?
  4. Maybe before you post here, you should at least look up "proxy" on or something. Personally, I use a good proxy so my IP NEVER shows up.
  5. Hey Null, did you do anything in school? You see, I'm not doing this just to be a trouble-maker, it's just I wan't my life to be memorable. And I want a childhood, unlike my other friends who study the whole f-in weekend. As for this: at 00:00 /interactive taskmgr It says Access Denied.
  6. Yes... ....I want to do as much as I can to the school computers before I get out of school....Which is next week...Then I'll come back senior year and dominate!!... And BTW Thanks for helping me so much, Null! ... ....
  7. Well, this is a really sloppy way to do it but I thought I'd mention it. I was downloading a movie at school that was blocked so I had to go through a proxy. It went REALLY slow, so I tried to figure out what I could do. For the heck of it, I changed it back to my normal connection and it blasted through it. This was in my noobish days.
  8. Connect to through the IP Address doesn't work... Update: I'm a fucking loser...... Firefox works and I got a proxy... It's slow though....but I can deal with that..... You see, my district is weird about what you can and can't install....For example, Windows Media Player can't be updated....But I can install firefox...WTF?! My main goal is still the same...Make a local profile and make my way up the food chain... Here's proof:
  9. Man if I saw that I.....It would probably raise my spirits for the rest of the day....
  10. My favourite Windows OS would have to be 98....XP is kinda blah...
  11. I think there would be a rebellion if it did happen....I can see freedom fighters hacking their way to the top, pwning all eventually...
  12. So...everyone who's tested it....based on what your time with Vista, what score would you give it [out of ten]....?
  13. Solitaire is important...... ......haha
  14. It would also be hard to stop an ICBM by shorting it out from jangling keys....haah...
  15. Hmm, I must see IE7 sometime soon....