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  1. After getting tired of my cell phone provider and the lock-in scam of CDMA I picked up a free GSM phone from 7-11 for buying $100 of airtime. To my dismay however, I discovered Speakout Canada doesn't allow text messages to shortcodes like GOOGL (WTF??) or any WAP, and I like being about to keep up with my NHL scores as I am quickly becoming somewhat of a degen sports gambler. I knew TellMe has good sports score info, but of course we can't phone that from Canada unless we dial into their 416 number or whatever which is LD for me. Sipbroker is a service that allows people using different VOIP providers to call each other by using a sip-broker code. I knew Callcentric had 17771234567 pointed at Tell Me so I dialed the Vancouver PSTN access line at 604-630-9700 and tried *4621771234567, but callcentric would just boot me to an internal error code about "the number not being available to my service area. *67 before dialing didn't help. So then I thought about Free World Dialup and their service of letting people dial 1800 numbers. This did work eventually by passing *67 from a landline but no go with my cellphone, and the connection was shit. Then I found the sipbroker code of *1800 + 555TELL works fine without the need to *67, but the shortest one that works is *85008355. Anyone have any useful codes or uses for sipbroker? heres one from a quick google.
  2. Look for a card that allows pin-less dialing. I had an awesome card (now defunct) that allowed you to set up to 10 numbers that "were yours" (from a web-login thing) which when you called in from that number it allowed you to place calls without a pin when they detected that number in the ANI. Now the hilarious thing was you could set the number to 000-000-0000 or any 10 digit # that you wanted. When you dialed in from a number they did not recognize you could enter in one of these "phantom numbers" as the login code, with pin, and it would spoof that number when you made a call.
  3. I'd rather put a bullet in my brain. :blowfuse: Story They won't play ads. When you want to order say pizza it will connect you and Google will get a cut of the sale.
  4. I once watched a blind guy on the bus dial a number on a cell phone.
  5. Don't get owned.
  6. This is the problem with requiring a "lawful-intercept" option as it only takes time for it to be exploited and utilized by those other than LEOs. The FCC has demanded all US VOIP carriers have such an option in place by May of this year.
  7. If you set up an account with a calling card that allows pinless dialing then you can use that to spoof your CID. Set up the service with a number you wish to BE and call the access number with your # blocked or from a phone it will not recognize. This will then force it to ask for the "phone number" associated with the account. Dialbug for example allows you to set 5 numbers of YOUR CHOICE which can be changed at any time via web-console.
  8. Just today I got a SMS spam from Coke giving me 1000 "free" points. Fucking pissed me off. I wonder how they got my number? Maybe the person who had my # before me "signed up" (I get wrong # calls once and a while, its a pay per min phone). Anyways, they gave me the option to opt out but that still cost me a txt msg, and I can only see this getting worse.
  9. The echo could be caused by a lack of echo cancellation, an important part of SIP calling. If I call 604-257-9998 from PSTN I get dead silence, if I call it with VOIP I get an echo as you describe.
  10. From "3 days of the Condor" awesome movie. (Not sure how he gets into the telco room )
  11. You could always try to make your own tones with GoldWave using the "Expression Evaluator" function.
  12. The next world war will be electronic.
  13. perhaps Easy to install Asterisk.
  14. Well I THINK roger's cellphone stores, maybe movie rental places, have a "Roger's Home Phone" that you can use to test it out. If I see one I will give it a shot.
  15. Well I can spoof CPN which I test with 712-432-9000. How can I know if I am spoofing charge number or not? Strangely when spoofing through this particular calling card when I call an 1-800 # to test ANI such as 1-800-444-4444 the call will not complete. You can call 800 numbers with this card normally however.