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  1. Huh... how many years have we been waiting for this moment?
  2. If he's cracking your WPA so quickly and your router has WPS support, he might be using Reaver. Disable your WPS settings, and make sure WPS is actually disabled at the hardware level.... It might require a firmware upgrade.
  3. resistorX:

    Yes, one really long Monday.

  4. Can't really say I know anything. However I have noticed that alot of bluetooth dongles are blank slates until the firmware is uploaded to it. Might be a place to find clues. The fun things we learn while using linux and a cheap rocketfish dongle.
  5. Yes what you say is true. However, some people with potential have to start somewhere and google is pretty useless until you know the right keywords to search.
  6. Well, if you've used different formatters it is starting to sound like a hardware issue. Have you tried using a different reader? Or cleaning the connections on the card? Old school cartridge trick: rub the shiny bits with a pencil eraser.
  7. Probably.
  8. It's still in early development, but the ubertooth shows some interesting possibilities.
  9. Just a thought. Instead of going to the local plumbing shop, How about a local HVAC shop? 3" flue pipe for a gas water heater would be close and alot cheaper then copper.
  10. Appreciate it. I have some AVR chips already. I just was wondering if I could use the Dragon to reflash the router since I already have one. I have no experience in JTAGing anything. I had almost forgotten about this project. I need to figure out where those routers got off too.. I know there in this room -somewhere-.
  11. Do you want to buy a pre-built solution? http://www.relaypros.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=NCD&Category_Code=Ethernet Just google around for things like 256 relay board, and hordes more will show up. Or do you want to build this yourself? That'd be cool, but man.. getting it to interface with your phone might eat some dev time. --but it'd be cool.
  12. That's just malicious evil on the part of the sanitation and the police departments. I wonder if they (the police) have opened up an avenue to be sued for violating individual rights of due process?
  13. Beholdith the power and be amazed. or disappointed, My money is on disappointed.

  14. Wabbit.


    Just had to leave something, pointless though it may be. :)

  15. get a little ziploc baggie the license will fit in, and glue some black paper /tin foil to the ziploc over where the bar code is.. This way, you haven't altered the license. you're just making it impossible to scan w/o removing it.. that'll give you time to say HEY, WTF are you doing? when they try to scan it. Mine has a funky bar code... it's not stripped like a regular UPC.. thick vertical black bars at the ends, a few consistent thin vertical black bars in the middle of the field, and what looks like 'binary snow' everywhere else. edit: turns out it's the PDF 417 code? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDF417