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  1. Probably the same .il tech as this:
  2. The texts from DATU today are on, but the images didn't make it.
  3. Yeah, actually I've been wanting some stuff from there, could you zip/rar it up and post it on rapidshare or something? Thanks!
  4. 6. For fine-tuned control of the PC speaker with perl, use Audio::Beep
  5. Slackware 7
  7. This was an awsome show. I am convinced now, I gotta get that documentary!
  8. What's new is that they are no longer afraid to admit their illegal actions, but instead give a big FUCK YOU to congress, stonewalling any attempt at oversight.
  9. Hey, I was just messing with an old SBC payphone waiting for a bus, and i could hear voices under the dial tone. Holding down the hook would let me hear them without the dial tone for about half a second. What's up with this? I have picked up AM radio signals on various electronics before, is this like that, or is it due to the phone company?
  10. I like this:
  11. Military education more resembles a vo-tech education than a 4-year school education.
  12. It was some legislation supposed to prevent central routers from prioritizing some traffic over others on the basis of different subscription "tiers". So, all of us would be on the lowest tier and if there was a lot of traffic, higher-paying users (like, say, I dunno, NBC or somebody) would have their traffic delivered at the expense of ours. Nevermind that we already pay for access at the endpoints and content providers already pay for server space and bandwidth, the plan wants to make someone pay more in the middle, as well, and this legislation was supposed to outlaw that. It will be interesting to see what comes of all this.
  13. hey nrg, thanx for all that. That is plenty to get started.
  14. Anti-alien stickers, send a SASE for a gang of them:
  15. Hey, you know what? That kicked ass.